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Rolling One Thousand Kilometers

2011 was the 100 anniversary of National Tsing Hua University. In that summer vacation, my friends and I planed to bike around Taiwan to celebrate this great time. We also invited 5 students from Tsing Hua University of Mainland China.

Yen-Fu Lin

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Rolling One Thousand Kilometers

Rolling One Thousand Kilometers Biking around Taiwan, Summer 2011 Cross-Strait Exchange Trip Orientation Dessert from China Biking Warm-up Checking set up Setting team formation
and average riding speed Day0
60 km Our Route Day 1
70km Day 2
110 km Day 3
110 km Day 4
70 km Day 5
60 km Day 6
25 km Day 7
55 km Day 8
85 km Day 9
120 km Day 10
90 km Day 11
40 km By train 25 people
13 days
1000 km Day 12
80 km Day 13
85 km Handicraft
Spots Hsinchu Glass Museum Hsinchu City has long been widely admired for its famous handicrafts industry.
Opened in 1999
History of Glass industry
Glass creations Zhunan Snake Kiln Handmade snake kiln, one of only tree in Taiwan
A factory making pottery, tiles, bricks, etc... Sanhe Tile Kiln http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/san-333 The process of making tiles
Sculpting Show http://www.skiln.com.tw/Visitor_Information.htm http://www.hcccb.gov.tw/english/04museum/1mus_a01.asp?cate_id=55 Yingge Ceramic Old Street Yingge, town of ceramics
Most ceramic exportation in Taiwan over 200 years http://travel.network.com.tw/tourguide/point/showpage/102960.html Hsinchu Glass Museum Zhunan Snack Kiln Sanhe Tile Kiln Yingge Ceramic Old Street Historical
Spots Beigang Chao-Tian Temple Matzu is one of the major goddesses in the folk religion of coastal province of greater China.
Built in 1700 and renovated in 1773, 1837, and 1905.
Wood carvings, stone carvings and paintings Beigang Chao-Tian Temple http://www.matsu.org.tw/IndexE.aspx Hengchun Old Town Wall The town was built in 1873 to protect the southern coast from Japanese.
The best-preserved ruins of city wall. 13 meters high and 2,500 meters long. Hengchun Old Town Wall http://sinotour.com/tourguide/kenting/hengchun-old-town.html Eluanbi Lighthouse Eluanbi Lighthouse http://sinotour.com/tourguide/kenting/eluanbi-lighthouse.html Renovated in 1962, originally built in 1883, also severed to defeat against indigenous people.
Used to be the most southern point of Taiwan, but now replaced by "The Most Southern Point". Introduced by student volunteers Natural Landscape Taroko Gorge http://wikitravel.org/en/Taroko_Gorge Taroko Gorge is an impressive 19-km-long marble canyon.
Has formed over the last 70 million years, the world's deepest marble canyon. Had fun in the river Taroko Gorge Canyon Kenting Beach Kenting a well-known destination for summer getaways. http://mylovelylife88.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/taiwan-kenting-beach/ Biking
Exchange KENDA Tire Factory KENDA Tire Factory Since 1962
A leading manufacturer of bicycle, motorcycle, and automotive tires. http://www.kendausa.com/en/home/kenda-story.aspx Entertainment Beautiful
Sights Delicacies Cheng Kung University Bicycle Club KMC Chain Company Closing
Ceremony KMC Chain Company Since 1977 in Tainan
The world's leading supplier of bicycle chains Demonstrated how to maintain chains http://www.kmcchain.com.tw/about.php shaved ice with red beans and tofu pudding ground pork and squid soup noodles Wanluan Pig's Knuckle egg rolls Steamed pork and bacon buns sweet mung bean soup A Taiwanese suspect says, "It is easy to cheat Chinese." Hualien Sugar Factory Sugar industry began during the Japanese occupation.
Built in 1913, and it's now a tourist spot http://www.hualiensugar.com.tw/meet.php?meet_type_code=01 Hunlien Cuisine Map pork buns flat dumplings soft ice with red beans Loudang Night Market Heart tapioca with ice crime consists of an upper layer of meat and a lower layer of deep-fried vegetables. Bu meat http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qid=1608033100899 Phoenix leg Mashed fish meat and vegetables Gaojha Deep-fly chopped lean pork and shrimp Given
"Successfully Biked around Taiwan"
award Sang the trip song,"Pursuit" Gifts from China Background School Bicycle Club 100th Anniversary of
National Tsing Hua University Biking Schedule Average speed: 20 km/h Biking hours: 8 hrs/day
( 2 hrs for rest) Nantou 23 meters Starting time: depends,
between 8 to 11 am
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