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Practice with modifying phrases and clauses

No description

Megan Press

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Practice with modifying phrases and clauses

Phrases and Clauses Practicing with Modifying Modifiers Misplaced Words Finding the main/modifying
clauses Dangling Modifiers Misplaced Phrases/Clauses Active/Passive
VOICE -Adjective/adverb
-Adjectival/adverbial phrase
-Adjectival/adverbial clause
-Verbal phrase (sometimes)

-Roberto has nearly bugged very teacher he has
had since ever. (jk)

-We almost ate all of the candy!

-We could understand all of the grammar Ms.
Press taught easily.

-I only have eyes for you. -Because the ACT was so close, it was time to get
down to business.
-Many students were worried about the reading portion, but others were more concerned about English.
-They finally relaxed when they realized something.
-Having studied very hard and paid close attention,
they were all capable of success. -Before taking the test, the proctor delivered the
instructions to the students.
-They heard at the test site that no cell phones were allowed.
-Ridin' 'round town with the girl I love, I'm like, "F
-Running through the hall, the test began
-While sharpening their pencils, the proctor
locked the door and started the test.
-Although they were well-prepared, the test was
-Unshaken, the test would be taken again. -The test was taken by the students.
-The test was passed!
-The students were successful.
-The teachers were proud of the students.
-The test was retaken by the perfectionists.
-The food was shared by Ms. Press.
-The kid was chased.
-Slender Man chased him.
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