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FINAL: GEO 2012 Annual Report

An interactive annual report for one of our favorite clients, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Fathom Creative

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of FINAL: GEO 2012 Annual Report

Message from GEO's President and CEO
The Grantmakers for Effective Organizations’ community is united by a shared commitment to achieving better results over time. Every year our work is shaped by the innovations and improvements our members make. We learn from your efforts to connect with peers in order to solve problems together. We support you as you grapple with unanswered questions and look for better ways to back your grantees.

I am pleased to present GEO’s 2012 annual report to highlight some of what we have learned and achieved. Each year, we engage in a few experiments ourselves. This report is one such experiment with a new, interactive format for content delivery. I hope you will enjoy the presentation and find it to be an engaging way to convey our work in 2012.
GEO members lead the field in embracing the essentials of smarter grantmaking.
GEO members outpace the philanthropic field in engaging in smarter grantmaking practices that contribute to nonprofit success, according to GEO's triennial national survey released in March 2012.
GEO convened more than 640 grantmakers in Seattle to share their experiences and learning around supporting nonprofit effectiveness.
Plenary session speaker Darell Hammond,
founder and CEO of KaBOOM!
What did participants take away from the conference?
more than
shared their
posts to
Beth Kanter’s
influential blog
of survey respondents said the conference deepened their understanding of the connection between grantmaker practices and grantee results
said the sessions deepened their understanding of how to help nonprofits achieve more and better results
Participant quotes
“Loved the creative nature of this conference.”
“I was so pleased to see the quality of interactive learning in each session.”
“This was easily the most interactive learning conference I have attended in years!”
Grantmakers who are more engaged in the GEO community are significantly
more likely to make changes
in practice to enhance nonprofit results. The 2012 survey confirmed that members find GEO's publications and conferences
valuable in supporting their work.
GEO members connect with peers to tackle grantmaking challenges together.
Smarter Grantmaking Starts Here
GEO members participated in a new remote learning series that offered deeper connections to community peers and a deeper dive into the practices that have the greatest impact on nonprofit results.
Participant quote
“At the time that I took this course, my organization was at the very beginning of re-thinking our grantmaking programs. The discussions and materials were useful in helping me frame the issue for us. Months later, the course has proven even more useful as we begin to implement re-structuring of our programs.”
GEO members build knowledge around new ideas and insights from GEO resources.
The GEO community engages new
and diverse audiences.

GEO members convened to address pressing challenges and
advance practice improvement
goals through GEO’s Action Learning programs.
Participants in Embrace Complexity, a community of practice on
evaluating place-based initiatives,
generated a shared understanding of the types of success indicators that they share in common.
More than 50 GEO members
helped launch the Collaborative Capacity-Building Lab,
a year-long program focused on sustaining the impact of comprehensive and collaborative approaches to community change.
"Thank you for welcoming all levels of experience to participate. The questions asked and answered within the group are so relevant. While I have experiences and questions of my own, when I hear other questions asked and answered I am grateful because it is an issue I know I will encounter further down the road."
Learn and Let Learn: Supporting Successful Learning Communities

Investing in Change: Funding Collective Impact Efforts in partnership with FSG

How Can Grantmakers Focus on Nonprofit Talent to Grow Impact?

Change the Story, Change the World with Andy Goodman

Four Essentials for Evaluation

Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?
GEO members joined with grantmaking peers for training and discussion on how to
better support nonprofit financial sustainability
and build evaluative capacity for greater impact. GEO's Scaling What Works initiative
partnered with Nonprofit Finance Fund and Innovation Network
to deliver the traveling series.
of finance workshop participants left with
concrete ideas
for how to assess and support the financial health of their grantees.
After attending the recent finance workshop in Little Rock, Ark., the
Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
decided to shift their approach to supporting grantee sustainability, from merely asking about grantee plans to
finding ways to help nonprofits
build reserve funds.
Turning knowledge into action
evaluation workshop
participants deepened their understanding of strategies grantmakers can use to help grantees build
learning and evaluation capacity.
GEO members
problem solve together

by sharing their grantmaking questions and challenges through GEOList and
immediately receive responses
and support from the community.
total responses
GEO resources
keep grantmakers informed
of the
emerging trends,

debates and practices from
the field of philanthropy and feature
practical examples

gathered from GEO members.
5 publications released in 2012
downloads of
GEO publications in 2012
monthly average downloads
of GEO publications
downloads a day on average
Four Essentials for Evaluation

offers practical guidance for using evaluation as a tool to inform learning.
Learn and Let Learn
shares how to design and execute successful learning communities that achieve outcomes.
How Can Grantmakers Focus on Nonprofit Talent to Grow Impact ?
explores ways to support the unique talent needs of nonprofits as they grow impact.
Collaborative Funding for Greater Impact:
A Case Study of the Cincinnati Experience
offers an example of supporting nonprofits in more collaborative ways to amplify impact.
Widening the Pool: Open and
Inclusive Grant Competitions
shares advice for making processes more open, inclusive and transparent.
2012 marked a huge growth milestone for the GEO community with the total number of
members surpassing 400...
CEO Kathleen Enright
launched a Huffington Post blog channel - expanding
GEO's reach to more than 311,000
unique monthly visitors to the Huffington Post.
GEO’s staff members
engaged with other influential communities
of grantmakers and nonprofits across the country.
GEO staff members spoke at
25 external events
and reached almost
800 grantmakers in 14 cities.
GEO's online presence helped to
raise awareness
about effective grantmaker practice.
The year 2013 is looking to be an
exciting time for the GEO community.
To share about the projects and events in-store, GEO President and CEO Kathleen Enright and other members of the GEO team have recorded a few brief videos describing some of the
promising activities to look forward to
in the year ahead.


Strategic "Field Building" Approach to Advocacy Investments
co-hosted with Grantmakers in Health

New Normal for Social Justice Philanthropy

Assessing the Impact of Responsive Grantmaking

Working with Intermediaries

Growing Impact in Rural Communities

Possibility Grantmaking
Members by Type of
Philanthropic Infrastructure Organizations (e.g. regional associations of grantmakers or grantmaker affinity groups)
Government Grantmakers
Community Foundations
Corporate Foundations and Giving Programs
Donor Advised Funds, Philanthropic Advisors, Workplace Giving Programs, and Other
Operating Foundations/Capacity-Building Programs
Private/Independent Foundations (includes Health Care Conversion Foundations)
Family Foundations
Annual unique visitors:
Total number of pageviews:
Total annual visits:
Time spent on site:
7,626 hours (317 days)
61% of traffic from returning visitors
Total likes at end of 2012:

New likes in 2012:
new followers in 2012

total followers by end of year
Members by Asset Size
$250m - $1.9b
$50m - $249m
Government Grantmakers (of all sizes)
Under $49m
More than $2b
"Short term grants are only going to get short term solutions. Long term grants are going to enable risk taking, they are going to enable continuity and consistency that make organizations better over time."
were reached
What did participants gain from the workshops?
GEO Publications
The GEO Community
Snapshot of
GEO Members
GEO in
the News
GEO’s recommendations for grantmakers reached broader audiences through coverage in leading publications:
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Chronicle of Philanthropy
The Washington Post
Philanthropy News Digest
Member Survey
Participant quote
Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?
ending the year
412 total members
and representing
91 new members
GEOList queries
The GEO community
explored emerging topics
together through GEO

Member Conversations, featuring practical examples and
thought-provoking discussions.
Peer Learning
participants total

Conversation Topics
Kathleen P. Enright
President and CEO
Full transcript