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Emo Subculture (Sociology Task)

After studying subcultures for several lessons we were told to make a presentation on our chosen subculture. All data is accurate at time of production (May 2013)

Ellie Fidler

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Emo Subculture (Sociology Task)

The Subculture Emo Emo behavior generally involves being over emotional, particularly with regards to negative emotions such as depression. They are honest about their emotions and are very sensitive to issues.

Some emos are dejected (sad and depressed) and a stereotypical emo would take this depression and cut their wrists.

These kinds of behavior is found annoying by many non-emos. Attitudes and
Behavior Listening to music
Watching films
Reading books
Waching TV
Art work
Social networking sites (tumblr and twitter) Leisure Activities
Side swept
Long fringe (covering eyes)
Short, choppy layers

Brightly colored skinny jeans
Short sleeve shirts
Studs and spikes
Wristbands Fashion and Hair "Emo" hit mainstream popularity in the 2000s
An adaptation of "emo" is "screamo"
Emotional, heartfelt lyrics
Guitar solos
Screaming (mainly screamo)
A mixture of slow ballads and heavier songs.
Not depressing lyrics

"We'll carry on. And though you're dead and
gone believe me. Your memory will carry on."
-My Chemical Romance Music Depression and suicide present a serious health problem especially for teenagers as they are increasingly diagnosed
with mood disorders that could possibly lead to suicidal activity. Reported here is a young girl
who committed suicide and in her suicide note
which, together with her behavior and attitude,
pointed to her apparently belonging to Emo.

However, not all emos commit suicide or
have suicidal thoughts. Sociological
Research On Monday 8th April a 16-year-old boy
describing himself as an emo was
assaulted in Ashton town centre.
A 14-year-old boy and a 44-year-old man
from Manchester have been arrested on
suspicion of assault.

This is the first arrest of the new laws against
hate crimes to goths and emos.

Sophie Lancaster was a 22 year old goth. She
was kicked and stamped on by youths in
a Bacup park in 2007. Tragically Sophie
passed away but the Sophie Lancaster
foundation was set up in her memory
wanting hate crime to goths and emos to
become a crime.

Earlier this year their
wish was granted. The Origins
and Current Issues Hair

Clothes Some emo bands include: My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
Jimmy Eat World
Panic! At the Disco
30 Seconds to Mars
Simple Plan
The All-American Rejects
A Day to Remember Thankyou
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