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Sustainable Happiness

PDC 2011

Mark Shishim

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Sustainable Happiness

Sustainable Happiness lasts feels good
challenge leads to FLOW
meaning and purpose Goals:
1. research base of happiness
2. what this means to you
3. how to avoid adaptation
4. work and happiness Heightened Stress Response
Detrimental Effects to cardio Helplessness
Worry Pessimistic Attribution What this means to you Optimistic Attribution
Satisfaction with Life
Better health habits
Increased immune function
Basics of positive psych Avoiding adaptation Find an activity that will add variety to your life Put effort into doing your activity & into keeping it going Vary your activity over time
Pick something you will think about often
Work applications 1. Positive work orientation (seeing work as job, career, or calling) 2. Positive climate (psychological experience with work environment) 3. Positive communication 4. Positive relationships: 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative comments Firms that showed higher levels of forgiveness and gratitude excelled in profitability, productivity, quality, innovation and customer retention Positive co-worker relationships Team commitment
Positive role perceptions
Citizenship behaviors Life satisfaction
Work performance
Engagement with work
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