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My Life as Keshia Martin

No description

Amber Laibe

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of My Life as Keshia Martin

Our Lives as Keshia and Tamara Martin...
School and Work
most are Christian
friends are atheist
try to get friends to come to church
we don't qualify for any public assistance
our mom has HIV
a lot of disease tight living conditions
more than one third of the population doesn't have a doctor
born on 9/22/95
2 younger sisters
mom is sick and jobless
never met my dad
live in the streets of the South Bronx
15 years old
live with my sisters and mother
trying to find a job
waitress at Crosstown Diner
dropped out of high school
need to support my family
part of a gang
Our mom and little sister
Me and Tamara
41.2% of children in the South Bronx have less than a high school education
13.9% is the current unemployment rate
General Statistics

44.08% of population is African American
the crime index is 35% higher than the average crime index in New York
median household income is $27,611
Personal Belongings
Racial segregation
Health Hazards
Daytime Hours
Intrusion and Anonymity
Required Religion
Latasia Martin~mom

Jada Martin~sister(9)
Where We Live
Quick Statistics
61% are single parent families
45% of population lives in poverty
18% of women are pregnant before they are 20 years old

A Day in our lives
wake up
help my mother
walk Jada to school
go to work
buy dinner and any other necessities
go home
eat dinner
play a game or tell a story
go to bed
wake up
hang out with my gang
search for a job
walk Jada home from school
eat dinner with my family
listen to the story or play a game
go to bed
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