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Speech Impairment

Speech Impairment is becoming more and more prominent in the classroom and we as teachers need to understand how to handle it.

Blair Rothrock

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Speech Impairment

Speech Impairment
the Classroom Speech Impairment: is a type of
communication disorder where 'normal' speech
is disrupted. This can mean stuttering, lisps, etc.
Having speech impairments and having to participate
in classroom activities can be very traumatizing to
Having a speech impairment can lead to poor performance in the classroom by the student. When they can not communicate the same as their classmates they become closed off and very shy and do not want to draw any attention to themselves. Their grades could begin to suffer as a result. At School, Children will become
unsocial and not want to participate
in group activities or any activity
involving social interaction Teachers:
-Speech pathologists can help
-Make sure the selected program
is appropriate for the child
-Encourage your students to be more
engaging in group activities
-Try to come up with activities that do
not rely heavily on verbal interaction Only 5-10% of the
population has completely
normal speech!
Traditional Accomodations:
- establish supportive writing environment
- have student sit in the front of the room
- provide alternative to oral work
Assistive Technology
-Screen reader software that converts text on the
screen into speech outputord prediction software
-Speech synthesizers that act as substitute voices for students unable to communicate verbally allowing these students to participate in class discussion
-DynaWrite: type and talk device that says what the student types into it
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