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Our Path To Be a 1-2-World School

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Cory Kloth

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Our Path To Be a 1-2-World School

Our Path to be a 1-2-WORLD School
University Classroom
Why we must aim to be
rather than simply 1-2-1?
We Need Tech That Is...
Access to the WWW
Used in the classroom for taking notes/writing papers (don't we want students to keep/share all their work?)
Able to use all that the web has to offer
Can take a beating (these are teenagers you know!)
Meets school and family budgets
Cost doesn't tether us to the device (b/c tech is constantly changing)
$ effective so that we can move on to the 'next big thing' when it arrives
Automatic upgrades
Less down time for devices
Less headaches for IT
The Google Chromebook
means TECH and TEACHING integration
Teaching is happening (Design Thinking, Innovative Task Force)
Where is the tech?
Last year explored 1-2-1 but stopped
ASA Classroom
All that the WWW has to offer
Keyboard for notes/essays/papers
Plastic but quality case
Non-touch screen is a benefit to durability
$199-249 BEFORE QUANTITY DISCOUNT and possible grants
Only extra $20/month on a 10 month tuition payment plan
Something new comes next year? Cost doesn't tether us to these for long periods of time
Break, lost, 'Dog ate my laptop?' No need for repairs, $200 lets us buy new ones
Less down time when things are replaced rather than repaired
Cost allows us to purchase new ones every year for students OR AT LEAST new products when student enters into middle school then upper school
Google does all automatic upgrades
Moving Forward
Fall 2013
Pilot program
Select one lower school student, one middle school student, one high school student, and one teacher to use this from October-February
Hear their testimonies about what worked, what didn't work, etc...
Spring 2014
Grant writing for funds
April 2014
Go or no go for 2014-2015 school year
May 2014
12World begins in place (teachers, these tools will be available to the students, begin your lesson plans to use them for 2014-2015 school year
Department heads handle the lesson plan oversight
August 2014
Book (maybe won't need these in the future), Schedule, and Laptop pickup day
1st week of school IT gives crash course on the tech
Basic use and knowledge
Expectations for use

2014-2015 The Academic Year ASA Becomes A 1-2-WORLD School
1. Infrastructure
a. Bandwidth
b. Outlets to charge throughout the day
2. Ownership
a. School
b. Personal ownership
3. Acceptance of teachers
a. Thinking digitally not hard copy
b. Time to integrate into lesson plans
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