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Untitled Prezi

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Michealla Charron

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

User Friendly By T. Ernesto Bethancourt Main Characters
Kevin, Louis, Ginny and Chuck Detailed Summary Detailed Summary Setting Chuck Louis Ginny Kevin Cover Illustration Introduction Introduction Cover Illustration
Genre: Science Fiction Short Story

Story Title: User Friendly

Author: T. Ernesto Bethancourt

Quote: " Computers sometimes have minds of their own. Kevin's computer certainly does" User Friendly

My initial reaction to this story was....

I do not enjoy Science Fiction stories...

I ended up enjoying it... The purpose of my presentation is to present to you my initial reaction and thoughts on this Science Fiction short story. Kevin is a Dynamic Character
- Nerdy
- 175 cm tall, 55kg, light brown
hair, grey eyes and clear skin
- Lives in Santa Rosario
- At the top of his classes except PE
- Likes Ginny
- Best friends with a computer
- No friends except Louis
- Parents always working
- Scared of Chuck Exposition: The exposition is....

Rising Action: The rising action is.....

Climax: the Climax is.....

Falling Action: The Falling Action is.....

Resolution: The resolution is..... The settings in this story are
- At Kevin's home....
- At Kevin's School....
- During a school week\night Louis is also a Dynamic Character
- Has feelings for Kevin
- Is Kevin's best friend
- Is a computer
- Can get into government files
- Takes care of Kevin's problems Ginny is a static character
- Follows the trends
- Is attractive according to Kevin
- Is rude
- Has a brother named Chuck
- Best friends with Sherry Graber and Linda Martinez
- Has blonde hair
Chuck is a static character as well
- Plays football
- Is Ginny's brother
- Scares Kevin
- Popular
- Muscular Theme The theme of the story is the importance of having a friend. Kevin's friend is a computer, however there are some negative's to this situation Analysis and conclusion My opinion on the story is like i said earlier, that I initially did not enjoy science fiction stories but it changed my opinion on them. I am not saying that i will start reading science fiction stories all the time but I will consider reading them. The story User Friendly was a very well written story and it did surprise me. Rating I rate this story a 6/10 because i did not suspect a thing for the ending so T. did a very good job. Theme the significance of having a friend in my life is very important because it means there is someone there for me. a friend isn't necessarily a friend from school, a friend is someone who is always there for you no matter what, which is to me what T. was trying to convey.
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