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The Great Zimbabwe National Monument is a ruined city. It wa

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Madison Ellis

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of The Great Zimbabwe National Monument is a ruined city. It wa

Tombs of Buganda Kings
In my mind, this is a vital part of our world’s heritage and deserves to be kept up. It is a very important spiritual and political site for the people of Buganda. Some of it has already been ruined. We owe to the people who live there, and future generations to preserve it. This is a valuable portion of history.
Great Zimbabwe National Monument
This site is definitely worth preserving. It is a symbol of all the wonderful things the people of the world have tried to take away from Africans. It shows the perseverance of the African people. It also gives great support to Zimbabwe’s national identity. Also, it holds many great artifacts, and shows Africans had advanced civilization before Europeans arrived.
Lamu Old Town
Lamu Old Town is a small town located on the Lamu Archipelago in Kenya. It is Kenya’s eldest constantly inhabited town. It was established in 1370, and was one of the first Swahili communities along coastal East Africa. It is home to the Lamu Fort. The Lamu Fort was completed in the 1820.
Tombs of Buganda Kings
The tombs of Buganda kings are very important to world heritage. They are located at Kampala, Uganda. They were first built in 1881. It is circular, and the final resting place of four kings. They are held in straw thatched buildings. There was also a fire in 2010 that destroyed some of the site.
Lamu Old Town
This site should certainly be preserved. We have a limited knowledge of the past of Africa. This was because many people didn’t think it was important. Now we have the chance to keep the culture alive. We also have the possibility of learning more about this beautiful place. It would be abhorrent to even think about letting this wonderful place go.
The Great Zimbabwe National Monument is a ruined city. It was built by the Shona people beginning in the 11th century. It used to be a palace for a monarch. Throughout the years, many governments and organizations have tried to claim it was built by white people. However, we know now that it was built by Africans.
Great Zimbabwe National Monument
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