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Nelson Mandela Prezi

Here's a Prezi that shows the timeline of Nelson Mandela's life.

Camille Bautista

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela Prezi

July 18, 1918 Nelson Mandela Timeline by Joan Lee and Camille Bautista 1927 Nelson's father dies of a disease when Nelson is only 9 years old. Nelson Mandela! Nelson Mandela s born in the village of Mvezo. He is named Rolihlahla or "troublemaker" 1925 Mandela attends a Methodist school, where he gains the forename of "Nelson", which he will be later be called by most in his later life. 1939 Nelson is involved with an arranged marriage, which later causes him to run away to Johannesburg. Where his political life starts to begin. Nelson's Childhood 1943 Nelson Mandela joins the African National Congress (ANC) Young Adulthood & the ANC 1940 Nelson works as a Clerk at a Law Firm, where he works to gain his law degree. 1944 Nelson marries his first wife Ntoko Mase 1948 South African Government causes apartheid laws on segregation. 1952 Nelson and Oliver Tambo open up the first Black Law Firm 1956 Nelson along with other members of the ANC are accused of overthrowing the South African State 1957 Nelson's marriage with Ntoko Mase breaks up after 13 years of marriage 1960 The Sharpeville Massacre break out, leading the banning of the ANC, and Mandela going into hiding 1958 Nelson meets and marries his 2nd wife Winnie Madikizela Life on the Prison of Robben Island 1964 Mandela is captured after almost 4 years on the run, and sentenced for life imprisonment on Robben Island 1980 Oliver Tambo launches a campaign for the release of Mandela from Robben Island 1990 Nelson Mandela is released from Robben Island after being in Prison for 27 years 1990 The ANC's ban is lifted by President De Klerk, and a muli-racial democracy forms for South Africa 1991 Mandela becomes the president of the ANC 1993 Nelson and President De Klerk receive the Nobel Peace prize. Mandela also divorces Winnie. April 26,1994 South Africans are allowed to vote without paying money for the first time. Nelson Mandela also runs for President. May, 1994 Nelson Mandela Becomes the first black president of South Africa. 2013 Nelson Mandela goes into retirement at the age of 94
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