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What is it's habitat, what is it's prey, what is it's predator and etc.

Maha Mohammadi

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Penguin

you will get to see what a penguins life is out the artic!! A penguins life! Hi today I am going to talk to you about my favorite animal the penguin! There is lots of things I want to talk to you about, so lets get STARTED!! A penguins habitat in the cold Antarctica. Penguins live in cold seas. There homes are on icebergs.Penguins are also at home in the ocean. Some penguins are able live in the coldest parts of the world. Others live very close to the equator where it is quite warm. All penguins have to live close to water. A penguin’s habitat is naturally cold and watery.Penguins are especially abundant on islands in colder climates, and they tend to remain in areas that are isolated and free of most predators. In all, there are 17 different species of penguin in the world, and not all of them live in cold climates like we imagine. The majority of penguin species do prefer colder climates, although there are even some penguins that are native to some of the tropical climates located right at the equator. The penguin’s habitat can range from a sheet of ice to warm, sandy beaches, depending on what kind of penguin it is. WHAT IS A PENGUINS PREDATOR AND PREY! Fun Facts!! A PENGUIN'S HABITAT!! Most penguins spend about ¾ of their time in the water. Their bodies are designed to easily adapt to the water. They have feathers that help them to move but also to keep the water from reaching their body. This is important as they have to keep their body temperature . It is also helpful because it seems that the colder the water happens to be, the more their main food sources will be found in it. Thank you for reading all about penguins! Hope you learned a lot! Most penguins like to eat krill, fish and squid.Some of the smaller penguins eat only krill. red dot Krill is a tiny shrimp-like animal. Some of the larger penguins eat fish and squid, also. They find these foods in the waters around Antarctica. When penguins eat food while at sea, they store the food in a special place. When chicks are hungry, they reach into their parents' beaks to feed on the food the parents have regurgitated. There are many things that like to eat penguins. Like leopard seals
fur seals, sea lions, seagulls and predatory sharks.
Only the larger animals like sharks, seals and orcas would take on an adult penguin, most of the others may only eat the chicks or eggs, or possibly an injured adult.

Polar bears live in the north, and since no penguins live there, polar bears would never naturally come into contact with penguins. What's a penguin's adaptation? How penguins stay warm and dry. The feathers trap air against the skin. This layer of air is then warmed by body heat. Penguin's also have a layer of blubber of fat under the skin. As a rule larger penguins live in colder areas. This is because larger, rounder bodies lose heat slower than smaller bodies. This explains why Antarctica's penguins survive the hardest winters. How penguins stay cool. Some penguins species have patches around their eyes that allow heat to escape. These patches become very pink when penguins are warm. Penguins have many tiny blood vanes on their wings which help them to cool down by just holding their wings out. How penguins swim. A streamlined body, webbed feet and oar-like wings enable penguins to shoot though the water at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. AU penguins use their short, stiff wings and webbed feet for steering. Human Desturutions &
Human protection. When the sun it hotter than it was in the past, their natural habitat is also affected. Their bodies find it harder to survive when they are too hot. Many of the young as well as the very old penguins die due to the heat. This hotter temperature can also significantly reduce the amount of food that is available on the waters for them to survive on as well. Research has also shown that when their natural habitat is upset they may not reproduce. They won't take part in the mating rituals so no eggs are laid. This can prevent a particular species of penguins to drop rapidly in numbers. Other times one of the partners is gone too long to look for food. This is due to the changes in the habitat. Therefore they other partner abandons the eggs because he or she can't go any longer without their own food. I believe one answer could be to help stop the pollution of the water because that is the main source of penguins food for survival. We need to make the public aware of what is happening to the environment of penguins.There are many animals on our planet that are threatened with extinction due to human activity. penguins are cute and cuddly but their environment is being threatened by overfishing and global warming. Here are some simple suggestions on how to help penguins survive even if you don't live in Antarctica like most of the world's most famous flightless birds.

Penguins depend on fish for survival and so do humans. There are huge markets for cold-water fish such as cod and salmon for their omega-3 fatty acid nutritional benefit. When you purchase seafood make sure you are buying locally caught fish or fish that are in northern latitudes such as salmon. A penguin's cycle of birth A few weeks after mating, the female penguin lays 1 or 2 eggs. After laying eggs the females transfer the eggs to their male partners. In June-July, the males place the egg on their feet and incubate it. This transfer is the most important phase because, if the eggs break they can mate only in the next year, but usually during this transfer almost 20% of eggs break. The females search for food while the males incubate the eggs and wait for the partner to return. And once the female penguin returns, the penguins exchange their roles; the female incubates the egg while the male goes for food hunting. This is the most unique feature in the penguin's life cycle. In no other species of animals or birds are the fathers known to take care of their little ones. The penguin fathers are very loving, they fast for almost two months till their female partners return. During cold winds they form a close circle, to save heat for their offspring. My opinion I think it's important to learn about a penguins habitat and wildlife because you learn about penguins. You can read if they are endangered or not and if they are you can find out ways to save them. You can expand your vocabulary and your background knowledge. I would like to be my animal because first
penguins are my favorite animal. Secondly they can live in the arctic and not feel cold but we feel cold in winters. They spend most of their time in the water.WHICH I WOULD LOVE TO DO!!!!
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