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Real World

No description

Omar Rosales

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Real World

REAL WORLD Macy's Sales Clerk $7.00 per hour Check Info Total Hours Worked 40
Hourly Wage $7.00
Gross Monthly $1120.00
FICA $16.24
FED Tax $112.00
Group Insurance $25.00
Life Insurance $7.00

Total Deductions $160.29

Net Pay $959.76 Bridgeport Apartment Rent: $374.00 Monthly Phone (House) Vonage $15.00 Monthly Car 1995 Ford Taurus
$2,000 Copy of Budget Expenses Real Costs Percentage
Rent $374.00 38.97%
Utility Bill $100.00 10.42%
Food Bill $150.00 15.63%
Phone Bill $15.00 1.56%
Car Payment $83.33 8.68%
Insurance $20.73 2.16%
Gasoline Bill $123.00 12.82%
Misc. $93.70 9.76%

Total $959.76

Happy Birthday $150.00

New Total $1,109.76 Misc. Money Left Over Money: $263.00 What I Learned? How to work a budget sheet
How people use their money when they have to pay for their rent, car, food, and things like that
I never knew about how they take money out of your pay check every month
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