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A presentation about the near extinction of wolves in the US

Breydon Doubet

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Wolves

Wolves Breydon By: Doubet Introduction In this presentation about wolves you will learn about the history of wolves, how wolves are good, bad, their populations, their methods of managing, images, graphs on statistics, and my opinion on wolves. History of wolves http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2006/11/06/2003335101 In the late 1800's and early 1900's farmers and ranchers started to notice a lot of their livestock missing. Some farmers investigated and they found wolves behind it. So almost every farmer or rancher had immediate hatred for wolves. Then most set out killing and torturing as many wolves as possible, killing tons. They had several torture methods, ranging from placing razors and nails in hunks of meat and feeding it to the wolves to cutting off their jaws and letting them loose.But in reality wolves were barely even harming livestock. Wolf sightings were becoming less and less common. Around the 1970's wolf recovery teams were formed, and in the 1980's they planned to start to bring wolves back to Yellowstone. In January, 1995 they planned for a full wolf recovery, but this was denied by the court. Finally they allowed wolves to be released into Idaho and other areas. Ever since wolves have gradually returned, and their population has kept increasing. They have been debating on whether to keep wolves or not. People have also found non-lethal ways to keep wolves away. Pros and cons of wolves Pros Cons They control the environment by decreasing the population of some animals and create more ecosystems and bringing back other animals. Only 1% of wolves kill livestock. There has only been one documented death of a human by wolves. But they aren't entirely sure that wolves killed this person. They bring in a lot of money for tourism at Yellowstone. They have confirmed that they bring in about 35 million dollars a year. This is mostly because people come only for the wolves and because of the businesses around Yellowstone. They kill livestock, although not much. They reduce the number of game for hunters. They adapt very quickly to difficult situations. They are a threat to people but not by much. http://www.ehow.com/how_10016572_keep-wolves-away-livestock.html methods of managing wolves Lethal Non-Lethal Shooting In a Hunting Season Fladry
(Hanging Flags on a Wire) Any loud noises A very tight and tall barbed wire fence An electric fence Populations of wolves Diamond Pack: 10 wolves Huckleberry Pack: About 7 wolves Lookout Pack: About 2 wolves Salmo Pack: About 2 wolves Smackout Pack: 5 wolves Teanaway Pack: 7 wolves Wedge Pack: Only 1 wolf seen (More Suspected) Total: About 34 wolves Washington's plan Wolf Recovery: They want to spread 15 breeding pairs across Washington to have an equal amount of wolves around. Livestock Protection: They are establishing new lethal (If necessary) and non-lethal ways to manage wolves. Wildlife Protection: They will use lethal and non-lethal methods to control wolves in areas that populations of wildlife starts to get to low. Map/Model My Opinion on Wolves: Wolves don't really effect me since I'm not a rancher. Although thinking of how it effects other people I think wolves are not bad. They barely even touch livestock and when they do you just have to keep them under control. They even bring in more money for tourism. I don't think wolves are bad at all. However I think Washington should have a hunting season to keep wolves under control. Bibliography: http://wdfw.wa.gov/conservation/gray_wolf/ Return to the Wild; Modern Tale of Wolf and Man http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/03/wolf-wars/wolf-illustration Radio Collars
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