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Your mother


mallory p

on 30 April 2011

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Transcript of Your mother

First off, the game. And while we're on the on the subject of games, I would like to play one. would you like to play? no? well that sucks for you. you're already playing. so let's get started. get ready for the first round. round 1: you are in a room with rick astley. you can either:

a: saw off your leg.
b: saw off your ears.
c: get rickroll'd repeatedly.

choose wisely. the answer is:

c. because i said so. round 2: it's 2012.
how do you survive?

a: hide in a crevice in the earth and hope you don't die.
b: ride that niqqa out like it's a wave in the sea
c: eat taco bell the answer is:

b. although c is also acceptable. last round. make a choice.

a: double rainbow
b: triple rainbow
c: none of the above they're all wrong. the answer is double lampost.
you lose. i hope you enjoyed my little game. i sure did. and now, my dear friend, it is time you recieved your losing punishment. you just lost the game. in every way possible. i hope that was enough punishment. happy zombie hunting!
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