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All Abilities Dance

No description

Allyson Kreps

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of All Abilities Dance

All Abilities Dance
Mission Statement
: Dancing together we create freedom and connection
It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including:
-improved condition of your heart and lungs
-increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
-increased aerobic fitness
-improved muscle tone and strength
-better coordination, agility and flexibility
-improved balance and spatial awareness
-increased physical confidence
-improved mental functioning
-improved general and psychological wellbeing
-greater self-confidence and self-esteem
better social skills.
-dance can be tailored to meet individual needs and it
suits all genders

We will provide a once a week one hour and a half dance class. Along with this we will include "buddies" which will give participants the chance to have a connection and be provided help throughout (if needed)

-Our Client base will be any person with any type of diagnosed physical or mental disability ranged from mild to server

-Limited disability services (extra circular) with long wait lists
-Opens up more spots and opportunity
-Gives the ability to express emotions
-Stress Relief
-Increased Physical fitness and gross motor skill development
-Improved confidence and self-esteem
What defines disability?
-A physical disability is any condition that permanently prevents normal body movement and/or control.

-Mental disability is defined as an intellectual impairment such as Autism Or downs syndrome

All Abilities DAnce
Health benefits of dance
Why dance?
-Dancing is not only a great form of exercise for people with disabilities, but it also has many social benefits. through different forms of dance it helps people to have a physical connection. Emotionally, dance stimulates the 'feel good' endorphins through the incorporation of music and self-expression. It is a way to mix socially with other people in a fun filled relaxed environment.
- Funding
-Location/Accessible location
-There are so many benefits to being active and expressive through a fun class of dance and connection. Our main goals are to give people with disabilities an open environment where they can not only be themselves but also express themselves

- Create more space and opportunity for services
Dance instructors: Two per class that are qualified dance instructors and will be provided some form of disability training

Social workers/ Social service workers: who are specialized and work with disabilities who work in the counseling and therapy portion of the organization

Respite workers: for buddies

Volunteers: extra help and encouragement
Counseling services and various therapies provided before choosing a class.
I.e. Play therapy, family counseling, extra.
We will provide different types of classes for different types of abilities
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