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King Arthur

No description

katie pauley

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of King Arthur

King Arthur
By: Katie Pauley
In the legend of King Arthur, he was born of the King, Uther Pendragon, and the wife of Cornwall, Igraine.
Merlin, the wizard, raised Arthur away from his parents.
Merlin was also his mentor.
He had a foster brother, Sir Kay.
Tolerance, Tender-minded, Sociable, Serious, Sensitive, Optimitic, Open to experiences, Open-minded, modest, loyal, likable

Values and Beliefs
He believed in a utopia a place of dreams. He valued good judgment. He also believed in that their should not be a war going on unless it is the very last resort and that they should work their problems out with out causing several deaths.
Why is he a good leader
good speaker
good motivator
good goals
good man
But, what makes him a
leader is the fact on how he became who he was. He started out a lord, told he was born a baster because his real dad wasn't married to his mom (the lowest thing you could be at that time). Yet, through all his troubles he still had to go through people who wanted him gone. But, that only made him stronger for he still got through it all he built this utopia he had dreamed of and he helped the people of his kingdom.
What has he done?
Why i choose King
King arthur from the ''legend of King Arthur'' he was a good leader. He was born from the King Uther and Igraine. Merlin raised Arthur away from his parent he taught him good and bad. When the king died Arthur was told about his blood line and took his rightful place as king but only after he pulled the sword, Excalibur, from the stone. He was a good, understanding, and tolerant leader. He believed in a utopia a place of peace. He was a good leader because, he was a motivated speaker, he set goals that would not only be for his
benefit but everyone's.
Pulled excalibur from the rock
created camelot (upotia)
searched for the holy grail
I choose King Arthur because, he is what every one wishes in a ruler. He was honest, good, only went to war when he had to, and he brought hope to a land of despair. He truely is an insperation to anyone, even though he is a myth he heped people who heard his myth to help everyone and that through troubles their is a chance at a happy future.
He was a Democratic leader.
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