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My Lifeline

No description

River Shields

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of My Lifeline

My Lifeline Pt 2
by River Shields

When River Was Young
It all started on August 26th of 1997
I assume that things happened between then and now, however I do not remember anything so I cannot be sure.
What I Want To Do In Life
Life Experiences
I was home schooled until 8th grade.
3 Long Term Goals
2 Short Term Goals

I went to Albuquerque School of Excellence for 8th grade. I did very well in Middle School and had a really great work ethic that I am trying to re-instate in my life.
My two sisters, Willow and Autumn were born on the 1st of June 2000.
Role Models
My Current Life

Present River
Today I am a Sophomore attending East Mountain High School.
I am 16 years old
I currently am in speech and debate.
My hobby is music. I listen to it and play it.
Last year me and my family went to Oklahoma after a devastating hurricane struck Moore. We helped with the relief effort for several days.
Helping People
The most interesting aspect of the time I spent in Oklahoma was the incredible will to thrive in a devastating situation. This leads me to believe that if I put myself in an environment where I can help people, then I will appreciate life to its fullest.
My parents, Rob and Carrie Shields are both unemployed, as they need to concentrate on helping my sister succeed in her acting career. However, my dad is a photographer and my mom does other various arts.
I believe that my role models give me a
distinct insight into what I want to do and where I want to go in my life.
Steven Hawking
A genius physicist of our time, my interest in
science is amplified by his amazing work and study.

Louis Theroux is a famous British
reporter who has made many
controversial and interesting
documentaries for the BBC.
His interest in the world and
un-judgemental personality
is inspiring to me.

Journalism and writing is
a prime interest of mine.
The Internet
My interests and talents lead me to believe that I should explore careers in the fields of science and technology. I can play and create music as a hobby throughout my life and I someday wish to develop a unique way to combine music and technology.
Long Term Goal #3
Graduate from college with at least a Masters degree.
Short Term Goal #2
Join the soccer team next season.
Long Term Goal #1
Get accepted with a scholarship into UNM.
Long Term Goal #2
Find a high paying career that I enjoy.
Actions I can take to achieve this goal...
Maintaining a level of quality in my work.
Work hard in Speech and Debate for resume
Join a new club, such as MESA.
Actions I can take to achieve this goal...
Explore my interests
Exhibit passion for enjoyable school subjects
Explore the job field to understand what types of jobs will be available after I graduate.
Actions I can take to achieve this goal...
Start using a better work ethic immediately.
Understand and become more patient with my own learning process.
Create a better organizational process.

Short Term Goal #1
Improve this semesters grades.

Actions I can take to achieve this goal...
Finish this presentation.
Spend atleast 8 hours of time working on my inquiry presentation only.
Spend more time working on Health Homework.

Actions I can take to achieve this goal...
Start practicing immediately.
Begin running.
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