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Orange Award (American Express)

No description

Chris Bosch

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Orange Award (American Express)

American Express and World Vision:
Reaching out to students and serving the world's poor World Vision has initiated a nation-wide student marketing plan competition.

It's called the Orange Award... ...and we would like to partner with Amex to make it better In brief, 1) we are asking university and college students to give us their best marketing ideas and 2) in return we'll give one winner a two-month paid internship and 3) a trip to one of our development projects in Latin America. Would you be willing to contribute $20,000 in 2014 to support the expansion of the internship opportunities for Canadian business students? In 2014, we would like to expand the reach of the Orange Award and include at least two more internships and provide some improvements to the website and offline promotional material. How will this benefit Amex?
Co-branding among the student demographic on campuses across Canada
Opportunity to participate on the judging panel and evaluate Amex interns for its own program Please contact Chris Bosch with your questions: chris_bosch@worldvision.ca or 905-565-6200 x3983

Please visit www.orangeaward.ca for all the details of the competition.

Thank you for supporting World Vision's work. We are grateful for this relationship.
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