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Get and IDEA of IKEA

Elijah Haines

on 27 January 2011

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Transcript of IKEA

presented by:

tonina m. clements
elijah haines
paul petroskey
kenny stiger

IKEA was founded in Småland
Sweden, hence the company colors are blue and yellow.
“to offer a wide range of home furnishing items
of good design and function, excellent quality and
durability, at prices so low that the majority of people
can afford to buy them”

IKEA has expanded to 44 countries and has a total of 280 retail stores in 26 countries.
Structure Owned by IKEA Group which is
ultimately owned by
Ingka Holding BV. They
choose the
CEO of IKEA IKEA’s corporate structure was
designed by Ingvar Kamprad.
Complexity of structure ensures
avoidance of taxes and
difficulty in potential takeover.

get an IDEA of IKEA

IKEA culture "we can do good business while being a good business"
IKEA's top priorities:
environment The IWAY Standards highlight the company's
minimum environmental and working standards. IKEA encourages contribution from employees and consumers, putting centralization and standardization in the back seat at the lower level.
challenges staying green: IKEA's environmental woes in
the 90's resulted in a loss of profit. IKEA found that
staying up on environmentally friendly practices benefited
sales and the planet. competition: target and wal-mart now offer
sleek, inexpensive furniture and home decor staying fresh: brand-fatigue has become a
problem in Sweden. developing new
and interesting products is key.
IKEA's organic structure allows it to adapt more easily Within the company, all departments
(marketing, design,customer relations
etc.) are given equal emphasis. In the public eye, little emphasis is given on corporate.

we didn't just know all
of this off-hand:


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