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Why learn a language?

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christine zeiner

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Why learn a language?

Bienvenue, Bienvenidos & Welcome to
Incoming BA World Language Parents & Students!

Why learn a language in high school?
interactive & presentational conversation skills
reading skills in all disciplines
problem solving skills
cultural understanding
boost native language understanding
boost standardized test scores
What can I do after Freshman year?
After you complete levels 1 and 2, you can then move on to higher levels of language. After the second year, honors and regular level courses are offered.
How will learning a language benefit me beyond Bacon?
Job Opportunities
Increased Earning Potential
Travel Opportunities (Pleasure AND Business)
HEALTH... Check out the research on Alzheimers!!!
Cultural Appreciation & Links to other perspectives

What do I do in
less emphasis on a textbook.
we focus on authentic scenarios & practical application of skills and vocabulary using teacher-created, thematic units.
What does my homework look like?
Homework can range from reading comprehension activities, vocabulary acquisition, grammar reinforcement, online practice, or an activity that will prepare students for the next class.
What courses can I take as a Freshman?
As a Freshman you have four language options:
Where you are placed as a Freshman depends on your confidence,
your MS success
teacher recommendation
Spanish/French III and III Honors
Spanish/French IV/V
1/2 year courses designed to peak student interest in a variety of cultural contexts. Some topics include:
Spanish Culture through Cinema
Spanish for the Working World
Historical & Modern French Culture through Cinema
French Conversation for Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Spanish / French IV HONORS (Full year courses designed for those doing AP or college courses the following year)

Some activities and assessments include:
- Engaging in spontaneous conversations about daily life with teacher & classmates
-Listening to a song or story & drawing/ sculpting what you hear
- Acting out real-life situations, such as restaurant & shopping interactions
- Playing games that promote vocabulary acquisition
- Writing short stories and/or event sequences
- Multi-media projects
Some recent articles about the importance of language learning
7 Reasons You Should Teach Your Children To Speak French
6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Spanish
The U.S. Foreign Language Deficit
- Spanish I / French I
- Spanish II / French II
DAILY Participation in the target language.
wide variety of "hands-on"
speaking, reading, listening &
writing activities
Students can expect to have 20- 30 minutes of homework per night in the first 2 years of language learning
Advanced Placement follows a College-Board approved curriculum to allow students the opportunity to take an exam for college credit
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