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Close Reading PD

No description

joe ferguson

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Close Reading PD

The Close Reading Process
Outline for the day
Morning - Lots of time to examine/talk about the close reading process
Afternoon - collaborating, planning and sharing time
Connecting Today's work with our Equity goals
How do we create access points for historically underserved students?
Paired Text
Understand the components of the close reading process
Collaborate/create close reading lessons
This afternoon...
You'll have time to plan close reading lessons (culminating task) to use next week
resource that may be helpful for this afternoon
See you back at 12:30
Initial Reads
Middle Reads
Initial Reads
Secondary Reads
Stretched Lexile Band
Annotating Text (slow down reading)
underline major points
circle key words/phrases
write single word comments in margin
Initial Read
Repeated Close Read
Find the 3rd Page
Page 181 on the top
Locate the number on the top of your handout (it is a number between 1 - 6) - this is now your specialty group
-Move to that table

Jigsaw time
Purpose: everyone in the groups leaves with an agreed upon answer to share with the bigger group

screenshot of handouts
....but beyond the lexile
Resources for the Afternoon
Final Reads
Final Reads
About 30 minutes to read the article...
Share your answer with your table group.
Is there a common response?
What it may look like in a 7th grade classroom...
Expert Group
Text-Dependent Question your group is answering
Your answer
Group's agreed upon answer
15 minutes to reread your section and find an agreed upon answer
15 minutes to share expert knowledge with group
Back to your original table
As best as possible, try to get a member from each expert group represented
What it may look like in a 4th grade classroom...
What it may look like in a Kinder classroom....
But first, a little background information
Limited Front Loading
Does it support the purpose
Take 15 minutes to read the article
Exit Ticket
Entry Ticket
Frame Options
Building Complexity Through the Process
Share Out
Make yourself comfortable - don't forget to sign-in
Take a folder - it will have all the materials for the day.

The response to PD is not more PD
It's about implementation
Let us know if we can assist
Our Goal: Constructing meaning from the text and interactions with each other with minimal teacher frontloading.
review planned lesson
We have paper copies, too.
Text-Dependent Questions - General Understanding/Purpose
DOK = Rigor
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