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Teen Suicide PSA

English Summative (ENG1D)

Anh Nguyen

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Teen Suicide PSA

Suicide Is the Second Leading Cause Of Death's In Teens Next To Motorcycle Accidents
Teen suicide should be a well know topic.
Many people are oblivious to this topic...
Mental Illness
How to help someone feeling suicidal:
Teen Suicide
Get help immediately!
Asking Direct Questions
Refrain access to firearms, drugs, alcohol, e.t.c.
Notify adults( teachers, guidance counselors e.t.c.)
Suicide is though of as an escape route, and a relief from pain...
...it is often associated with depression...
Symptoms may be:
loss of apatite
unexplained aches and pains
lack of energy
Contributing Factors May Be:
The annual suicide rate in teens are 1 in 10 000
10% of boys and 20% of girls have considered suicide
30% of suicides involve firearms
A recent suicide incident has created uproar in Nova Scotia...
Rehtaeh Parsons
She was cyberbullied after being raped and photo's of the incident leaked online...
Another student who was bullied to his death...
Jamie Hubley
He was bullied about being openly gay. He committed suicide in 2011. He lived in Ottawa.
Girls tend to commit suicide more often than boys but because of the methods they choose they are less successful...
Aboriginals in Canada, Australia and the United State's have higher suicide rates compared to the rest of the population.
...other symptoms may be behavioral changes such as low self-esteem
Many suicidal teens tend to appear depressed yet other hide this under a layer of excessive energy...
Some teens withdrawal from family and pears...
and many lose interest in many of their former interest...
Photo Credits
Why I Choose This Topic?
moving to a different community
exposure to violence or substance abuse
depression or other mental illnesses
In the news I recently heard of many suicide attempts and I felt that it has become a more serious problem over perhaps the last ten years.
Also a study in May found that teen who have been exposed to suicide have a higher chance of committing suicide.
Psychosis: serious but treatable condition that reflects a disturbance in brain functioning.
The idea of mental illnesses have finally been accepted in society. I think that we should be able to accept that if were every sick mentally we need to now accept treatment.
Other International examples...
In South Korea, Japan and commonly known China suicide rates are very high in senior high school students.
These students are not only stressed for their exams but also, some students are bullied and this may also be a contributing factor to the high suicide rate in teens.
Amanda Todds
Music Credit
Childhood Memories (3:37)
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