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Halle Berry

No description

jade little

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Halle Berry

Halle berry
By: Jade little

What Happened ?
Actor Wesley Snipes has been exposed as the abusive ex-lover of Halle Berry, who struck the actress so hard, she lost 80% of her hearing in her left ear.
Oscar award winning Halle Berry says she is on a mission to raise awareness regarding domestic violence issues.
“I devalued myself and thought I wasn’t worth it. I chose partners that mimicked my father. It was only when I was in an abusive relationship and blood squirted on the ceiling of my apartment and I lost 80% of my hearing in my ear that I realized, I have to break the cycle.”

occupation: Film actress,Model, former pageant princess.
BIRTH DATE: August 14, 1966 (Age: 47)
EDUCATION: Bedford High School, Cuyahoga Community College
PLACE OF BIRTH: Cleveland, Ohio
Full Name: Halle Maria Berry
AKA: Halle Berry
Did You Know?: In 2001, Halle Berry became the first African-American woman to win an Academy Award for best actress.

Read More: Halle Berry Shares Domestic Abuse Story For Awareness | http://hot1073jamz.com/halle-berry-speaks-out-on-domestic-abuse-in-ny/?trackback=tsmclip

how it changed her
Halle Berry’s career choices are determine by some effect on her equilibrium while she’s reading scripts, which possibly could make her dizzy, causing her to not want to finish reading her script and simply agreeing to do it so no one finds out that her deaf ear is causing her to not want to read. her movie choices suddenly changed the rolls she wanted to play where also different.
starting her family
Halle met her next boyfriend, French-Canadian supermodel Gabriel Aubry. Several months later, Berry confirmed that she and Aubry were expecting their first child together. The couple welcomed a daughter, Nahla Ariela, on March 16, 2008. She and Aubry split in 2010.
Her third marriage
This is Berry's third marriage and Martinez's first. The couple met in South Africa in 2010 while filming Dark Tide they had thier first son october 8th 2013
his name was Maceo Robert Martinez

where is she now ?

she continues her career in movies and tries to exceed at being a mother she still has hard times focusing bus she is willing to take bigger steps if her ear gets any worse.
A natural performer, Halle Berry earned a handful of beauty pageant titles during the early 1980s, including Miss Teen Ohio and Miss Teen America. shortly after she started to film for movies as an actress she began a career in television with a role on the short-lived sitcom called the Living Dolls
According to reports, Wesley snipes was the one who hit Halle Berry reports that one of Halle's ex-boyfriends (Wesley snipes) had caused partial deafness in her left ear. Her ex-boyfriend Christopher Williams put the actor on blast by insinuating that Snipes was actually responsible for making her go deaf in her left ear after abusing her.
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