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Markstrat Prezi


Sneha Vijay G

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Markstrat Prezi

TEAM S: The Shooters Consistently low yearly budget
Period 5 was a slack period Firm's Future Scope Strengths Sonite and Vodite R&D knowledge
Good brand awareness in Vodites
Report database to track consumer shifts
Sizeable Commercial Team Weaknesses Eroding brand value and purchase intentions
Low Budget
Products need R&D to reach ideal point Markstrat Moments EXTREMELY CRUCIAL: Market research reports, positioning to ideal product values
Conjoint Analysis, Multidimension Scaling, Semantic Scales for:
- Understanding consumer’s needs
- Tracking segment shifts over multiple periods
- Recognizing potential customers Changing consumer perception only through Advertisements: DIFFICULT
R&D: Time consuming, expensive but ONLY WAY towards ideal product
Product Lifecycle: EXPERTISE in initiation, growth, maturity
4P's: Effects of COMPETITION on product Strengths:
Highest brand awareness (42.6%)
Top 5 selling brands overall
Highest total market share (24%)
Initial low brand awareness (18%)
Low pricing caused brand value to erode Vodite Competition - REEL Competition Analysis Sonite Competition - MOST Strengths:
Largest market share (60%) in Savers
High brand awareness (62%)
Skilled price forecasting
Low market share (19%) in Shoppers: closest to ideal product fit, but not quite there
SOLO has an advantage in this target market Overall Strategy Short Term To move brands closer to target segment through perceptual changes, advertising and R&D
To adapt quickly to projected consumer shifts
To be first mover in Vodite market (only viable option)
Results: Low revenues, withdrew SOFT from Savers market, slow Vodite growth Long Term To increase purchase intention Long Term To position Sonites to attract Savers and Shoppers market (50% of future market share) Marketing Area Emphasis Strategy: competition-oriented or precise positioning-oriented
Pricing: Semantic (single dimension) and MDS (correlation), competing reaction Long and short-term strategy Changing product characteristics is time consuming
Perceptual mapping does not significantly change product position
Pricing is an important way to target to ideal point and compete against competitors Reasoning Product features and positioning: key for new consumer needs
Version strategy and Segment focus
Issues: Slow to reposition SOFT, reliance on perceptual mapping to change product attributes Product Prices affect brand value
Example: Drastic price change in our SOFT product
Issues: Necessary but extreme price change caused severe drop in SPI Price Harmonious proportion between advertising growth and commercial team
Use research to learn competition's resource usage
Issues: Overestimated power of promotion to change perceptions Place & Promotion Two phases in Promotion Phase #1: Low focused efforts on promotion of products
Phase #2: Increased focus on advertising Issues in Pricing Poor decisions based on competitor intelligence
Overallocation and underallocation of resources. When Good Decisions
FAIL. The Firm Weaknesses Fairly accurate production forecasts
Products with high brand awareness Strengths Satisfying Consumers 101 Adapt product to changing customer needs
Target low price sensitivity customers
Example: Adopters wanted risk-worthy products Vodite Market Maintain consistent brand perception with segment
Maintain consistently product attributes based on segment
Example: Price was important for Savers Sonite Market SOFT Strengths:
Higher brand awareness (70%)

Low key product attributes
Low purchase intention (32%) SOLO Strengths:
Revenue generator
Purchase intention ( 35%)
High brand awareness

Low purchase intent Sethis Strengths:
One of the first movers

Small commercial team Sethat Strengths:
High purchase intention
High market share in followers market

Small commercial team
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