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Addressing the Future: Curriculum Innovations

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Grace Fernandez

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Addressing the Future: Curriculum Innovations

Addressing the Future: Curriculum Innovation

by: Rodrigo B. Javier and Purita P. Bilbao

Circular Issues and Concerns
Most of the curricular innovations are handed down from the top management.
Poor academic performance of learners
Issues on the varied implementation of the curriculum among schools and teachers seem to be one of the reasons for the prevailing low performance of schools all over the country.
Curricular innovations lack the sense of ownership from stakeholders
In the desire of some schools to be part of the global educational scenario, changes and innovations are drastically implemented even if the school is not ready.
Some curricular innovations are results of bandwagon but are not well supported by managers
Lack of monitoring and evaluation
Inadequate monitoring activities to find out the curricular strengths or weaknesses and problems are being encountered.
Innovations results to teacher burn out
With so many new changes taking place in the curriculum, many teachers are getting burn out.
Innovations are not communicated at all
Only the managers or the proponents understand the changes. Those who are directly involved merely follow hook line and sinker. This is called regimentation.
Responses to Issues and Concerns
* The BEC is an example of an innovation that tries to address the continuous decline in learner's performance in basic education.
* In the installation of a new curriculum, all stakeholders should be involved.
There is a respond to the fast changing times in terms of school curriculum innovations.
Collaboration in the implementation of a new curriculum is very necessary.
General practice seems to show that when a new curriculum is introduced, it ends without result.
Javier, Rodrigo B., Purita B. Bilbao: Curriculum Development: Module V,Addressing the Future. Lesson 2, Curriculum Issues, Concerns and Responses
Reported by:
Fernandez, Grace
Nanez, Lyra
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