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Ioana Popescu

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Gods of India

What do the gods represent to the Indian people?
The forces of life
reason life is good, or bad
rituals are derived from these beliefs
Brahma, the Crea
has four heads and arms
rides a swam
the creator of all things
wife of Brahma
goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts
plays the veena
commonly seen on a lotus flower
rides a swan
Vishnu, the Preserver
rides a garuda, which is a type of bird
often portrayed on a snake
is blue
has four arms
has been reincarnated nine times, and is expected to do so once more
goddess of wealth, beauty, light, and prosperity
wife of Vishnu
represents love and grace
most beautiful goddess
rides an owl
rests with the company of elephants
Shiva, The Destroyer
Rides a bull
has a blue throat
carries a trident
husband of Parvati
has a third eye
carries a trident
the main god of saivism
Ganesha: God of intellect, remover of obstacles
Has an elephants head
rides a mouse
son of Shiva and Parvati
Ganesha is significant to the Hindu people because he is believed to remove obstacles
m trips or expeditions.

Lakshmi is important to Hindu Society because she represents wealth and prosperity, and is prayed to when people want to prosper or improve their wealth.
( L

By Pieter Weltevrede.)
Vishnu is important to H
religion because
is the protector of the world.
Saraswati is important to Hindu religion because she is the goddes of knowledge and the arts.
dents pray to her when they want to score w
ell o
n a test .(Saraswati- Pieter Weltevrede)
Brahma is important to hindu mythology because he is believed to be the creator of all
Shiva is important to Hindu mythology because he is resposible for the death and destructation.
hiva-By Pieter Weltevrede.)
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By Simran Tandon
Ioana Popescu
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