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About Me

I am awesome!

Vivian Lee

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of About Me

I also like to be
organized even
though my room
is a complete mess
and I always run
out of space to.....
About Me
I also like browsing Youtube.
I also like
drawing, even
though I am not
good at it.
So you've learned about me, yes?
I enjoy doing many things and
I like to be funny during my presentations.
Things I Like
Actually I don't like drawing, I like doodling, but I
guess that counts too.
I am a bookworm. Books are incredible in every aspect because of how they can affect your feelings and how they can change your opinions.
They give chances for you to escape your own world and to visit theirs.
You could read them for
information or just for fun.
They have so many good
points about them, to
many to list.
Now this one is more of a obsession
than hobby. I LOVE playing on the
computer. Seriously, someday it might
be a problem but I try not to play to much, honest. One of my favorite games is League of Legends.
Sorry, ran out of space,
had to use this
Anyways, as I was saying, if you could see
my room you would probably shake your
head in disgust. Even if you think your room
is messy it is incomparable to mine. Did I
mention I am very competitive? No? Well
I am believe it or not.
I also have a HUGE ego. Which means
one of the things I like is me. Me, wonderful
meeeeeeeee. OK that's enough time for............
pictures of meeeeeeee!
Don't I look so happy
to have my photo taken?
In my opinion fiction is the
best genre. This is because
it opens up larger field of
possibilities for the book by using mythological creatures and giving characters powers that they can't have in real life.
Other genres are nice too.
I've read loads of books containing history, mostly about World War II. There are also information books to help you on your studies or just to read for fun which I do not recommend.
(Unless you REALLY like all types of books.)
Go Amumu!!
Username: Jubbly
Password: 1234
By Vivian Lee
That person you just saw in the picture likes food too! Favorites include....
(Thank you China, for this godly food sent from heaven)
Props to the person who thought "This raw fish sure looks like good eatin'." then wrapped it in seaweed with rice.
I'm hungry now.....
There used to be three sandwiches on
this napkin.
Well i hope it was funny, and informative.
(Incase you wanted to watch it!)
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