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Malachi Thomas

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Malachi Thomas

Malachi Thomas
Leonard Matthew Showed honor by continuing to battle in Vietnam, after struck by a sniper bullet on his hand while taking one of his wounded men to safety.
His fighting spirit, heroic leadership and valiant acts inspired the reaming members of his platoon to hold back the enemy until assistance arrived.
Under Heavy fire and with some wounds he continued to battle and help fix a malfunction machine gun, while an enemy machine gun was wounding his men after he finished assisting the machine gun he quickly charged the enemy and there machine gun and destroyed the hostile crew.
Medal Of Honor
Leonard Matthew
A Medal Of Honor
Recipient from the Vietnam War
While under heavy fire he dragged one of his wounded men to safety when a sniper suddenly struck his hand but he continued to battle with the wound.
Sources; .html and
Clarence Eugene Sasser-Sacrifice
Clarence ran across the mine field and made his way to his injured comrade and brought him back to safety.
He showed Valor by making another trip to his injured comrade and while he was running he was struck by a mortar.
Despite his injury immobolizing his leg he continued to his down soldier and crawled a wopping 200 meters and crawled all the way back to help him.
While his wounded soldiers were under the care of the medics Clarence refused medical attention determined top save their lives.
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