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Great Depression Artifacts

No description

Joshua Stimage

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of Great Depression Artifacts

Great Depression

Foreclosed Banks
Banks closed because of the failure of people to pay back loans and due to the lack of trust people started having toward banks.
This bad news was all over the newspaper
in the late 1920s
The Great Depression caused horrific unemployment due to the closing of factories, businesses. It also caused a flood of homelessness.
Homelessness that introduced the people of the great depression to
Hoovervilles were communities in which homeless families lived
Funds from private charity had run dry, but help came from unexpected places. Help even came from a notorious gangster named Al Capone.
He created, and kept coffee and doughnot kitchens runninig.
These kitchens helped poor people while alos winning Al Capone favours.
In the depression people were desperate for jobs and they would do literally anything to get them.
From standing on corners and holding signs
To selling apples
People who sold apples could make a small profit by buying hundreds of cheap apples, because there was a great surplus of them, and selling them all for about 5 cents each.
Graphs show just how horrific their perdicament was
Sources; http://www.gti.net/mocolib1/prices/1928.html
Made possible by;Anina Garvin
Joshua Stimage
Nadia Adams
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