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Sherlock Holmes 1e klas

No description

Tim Simons

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Sherlock Holmes 1e klas

Holmes Dear mr. Holmes,

Please help me, I am very ...1... Last night, my husband went out for drinks with his colleagues. When I woke up this ...2..., I was alone in our bed. He didn't come home. Of course, I asked his colleagues and they told me he went home at 1am. He had been drinking very much. They wanted to call him a taxi, but he had said that walking was ...3...

The police told me ...4...., and that he would be home soon. Please, will you help me?
I heard you are the best ...5... out there.

My husband’s name is Dr. Emmett Clarkson. I ...6... that he was wearing a brown ....7... and a blue sweater. He has brown hair, a beard and has blue eyes. He was last seen when he left the Pig & Fiddle pub in London.

If you find my ...8... I will give you a 10.000 pound reward.

Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Clarkson The letter that Sherlock received 1. Investigator
2. Pair of trousers
3. Remember
4. Darling
5. Afraid
6. Healthy
7. Morning
8. To calm down Sherlock has received a letter. The woman who wrote it has cried so hard, that her tears wiped out some of the words. Sherlock has managed to find out what they are. Can you do the same? First, translate these words. Sherlock arrives at the underground station,
just before the first train is about to leave.
Again, another clue.. At this place, people can walk across the river.
It is again a famous place in London.
Come quick or I will make the doctor shiver. Sherlock goes to the pub where the doctor was last seen .
He finds a note on one of the tables. Seems like the doctor really was abducted!
Can you help him solve the riddle? “You hear me ring every hour.
But don’t see me, locked away in the tower,
of the most famous building in London.
The doctor's time is almost up!" Sherlock arrives at the tower of the Big Ben!
But, there's no doctor to be seen. There's another note on
the bell. "People are transported under the earth at this place..
Is this a track that you will be able to trace?" And again, no Doctor at the Tower Bridge.
But another note. This is getting irritating! Back to the beginning
Where after a few drinks
The doctor's head was spinning Back at the Pig and Fiddle yet again, Sherlock asks the barman. He remembers the doctor well, and gives Sherlock an envelope. It contains a ring, and a final note. Dear mr. Holmes,

At last, your journey has come to an end. I am not abducted. I have moved to France with my new mistress.
Please take my ring as a payment for all your trouble. And make up whatever excuse you can for my wife. She will believe anything you tell her.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Emmett Clarkson The end Sherlock Holmes is an investigator from London.
He solves murders and finds people that have disappeared. Dr. Watson is his
colleague and friend.
But Sherlock gets into trouble sometimes, and Watson with him. They even got arrested once! Take a look at the following clip.
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