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Basics of Procedural Programming

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Auberon Daniel Smith

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Basics of Procedural Programming

Basics of Procedural Programming
In this presentation I am going to explain the features of procedural programming in a clear simple terms so that everyone can understand the jargon.
Key features
Procedures - Procedures are step by step instructions that tells the program what it is meant to do in a logical order.
Pre-defined functions - These are similar to the procedures but they return using a value. Functions can also use parameters, return values and can be separated from the main body of the code.
Local variables - Local variables are variables can only be used in the area it is placed in. For example a operation can be done only in that specific area and not in another area of the code.
Global variables - These are variables that can be used throughout the whole of the code. This is good for programs that use the same variable more than once.
Key Features Continued
Parameter Passing - This allows the variable values to be passed through the code/programe to the proceadure.
Modularity - Modularity are modules that have been split into different groups to carry out a certain task.
Programming Libaries - these are a collection of source codes, subroutines and classes that can be used at anytime by the programmer and the user.

3 Basic features
There are 3 main basic features to procedural programming these are:

Key features
Control Structures
Programming Languages
Conditional Statements
What are IF Statements?

What do IF statements allow the user to do?

When do we use them?
What are Loops?

What do Loops allow the user to do?

When do we use loops?
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