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Poems on the beautiful game (soccer)

A poem is a piece of writing that partakes of the nature of both speech and song, and that is usually rhythmical and metaphorical. So I decided to explain the beautiful game in a form of a poem.

Emmanuel Osafo

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Poems on the beautiful game (soccer)



This is a video on the beautiful game
Talented player, play with grace
Power and strenght, sets the pace
What a great day today
Everything was fine,I saw no delay
Player running up and down
Some jerseys were brown
Haven't you ever played
Wow,its had to explain
The feeling of the wind rushed by you
And after all these, the game is due
All you need is one goal
So work hard with your spirit and soul.
Just go and do it
For that I would admit.
It is one of the best
Among the rest
There is a game
It has a name
One of the best among rest
Players on the field,ready to start
There goes the whistle,it pumps their heart
Adding strength to the ball and kicking it high
The ball travels overhead,how beautiful it can fly
It lands slowly,nice and sound
The player takes the ball and kicks it around
He takes the shoot and the ball curves by
The keeper drives for it,far and high
The goal keeper misses it ;the ball's in the net
There's a moment of silence and no regrets.
The winner jumps with joy,that win was a must.
Opponents head tilt down so low,they leave in disgust.
Play with your heart,that is the answer
Of how to play the true game of soccer
A true soccer player steps on the field, and forget everything.
Getting a chance to play six months with my own teammates .
Who I consider the best soccer players in the world, some,classmates
Playing together on a field.
Because of great players who would later be revealed.
Sometimes coaches yell.
I reply , don't worry, I wouldn't tell.
We sometimes run a mile
As long as the Nile.
Soccer is not just the best
But also the crest.
So go out there and play with your heart
Because it is a game which would not tear you apart.
Leaving all his problems and troubles behind.
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