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Sony Playstation 4

No description

Gerrit Lipiec

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Sony Playstation 4

Difference Between PS3 and PS4 (Video)
Pros and Cons
amazing graphics
good looking console
comfortable controller
$100 cheaper than Xbox One
easy to use system
free online access
Cool Features
The PlayStation 4 comes with multiple features that are quite useful. For example, it comes with:
PlayStation Move; a motion oriented controlling device used to give players a more interesting gaming experience
PlayStation Camera; a camera that is mounted on your television, to capture the motion of the PlayStation Move or movement made by players
PlayStation Plus; a service you can subscribe to, to get exclusive offers on certain things like for example, 50% off a game only for PlayStation Plus Members
PlayStation Store; an online store where you can buy games, download wallpapers, get add-ons, and much, much more
Trophy System; in games, objectives given to receive trophies
About Sony
A Presentation By: Gerrit Lipiec
The Sony PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4, What's that?
The PlayStation 4 is a next-generation gaming console. Being the next of its type, the PlayStation 4 is exceeding all the limits of gaming everywhere, with its HD 1080p display, its 500 GB Hard Drive and more. This system truly is the future of gaming.
The PlayStation 4 is an extremely powerful console, with a very high performance. A few things that give it its power are:
Semi-custom 8 Core AMD (CPU)
500 GB Hard Drive
PlayStation 4 Operating System
Semi-custom AMD GCN Radeon
256 GB of RAM for background

There is a drastic difference with the graphics between the PlayStation 4 and its predecessor, the PlayStation 3 as seen in this video. This shows how
advanced the PlayStation 4
really is (Footage from Grand
Theft Auto 5).
Thank you for listening to my presentation!
not many games out yet
PlayStation 3 games aren't compatible
doesn't support external hard drives

The Sony Corporation is a business
mainly focused on electronics (PlayStation being one)
Sony was first founded in 1946 just after World War II
Sony's Headquarters are located in Minato, Japan
It was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita
The president and CEO of Sony is Kazuo Hirai
Specializes in Televisions, Digital Imaging,
Audio/Video and
Electronic Components
From what I've presented, I believe this has demonstrated how the PlayStation 4 is advanced, powerful and most certainly impressive technology. With its updated graphics, its 500 GB Hard Drive, to even its cool features like the PlayStation Camera, this console is most definitely one of the most (if not the most) amazing pieces of gaming technology up to date. Nothing stands in its way from becoming even greater as time progresses.
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