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Case Study: Burns

No description

Stephanie Katz

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Case Study: Burns

8 year-old Jamal Benjamin admitted for severe second-degree superficial partial burns on upper thigh and buttocks following an extremely painful accident caused by a hot curling iron.
Family History:
Jamal resides in East Hartford with both of his parents, along with four older siblings and his grandmother
Social Life/Daily living:
Student at Thomas J. Edison Elementary school (4th grade).

Walks to and from school everyday with best friend Jeremy.
Some of the damage and the extensiveness of part of the burn could be classified as a third degree burn on Jamal's upper thigh. Very few but some nerve endings were damaged in this area when the incident took place.
Medical History:
Underwent heart surgery as an infant
Allergies: pollen, most sea-foods
suffers from eczema (patches of skin become rough and inflamed)
How it all happened:
Jamal Benjamin, an eight year-old male was brought into the emergency room after suffering severe second degree burns on his upper thigh and buttock area. Jamal was paying with his two older sisters in the basement when he accidentally fell back onto the couch and sat on the curling iron his sisters were using to do their hair. He had some trouble getting up from the couch, and did not move his body from the iron for approximately 10 seconds. Jamal's mother, a nurse at Hartford hospital, rubbed some ointment onto the burns and then proceeded to bring him to the emergency room due to the severity of the burns.
Role as the CNA
As the CNA our jobs would be to observe the patient's skin for healing or if the burn injury is becoming increasingly worse. We are also responsible for psychological assessment of the victim and family:
How is this affecting them?
How are they dealing with the situation?
Depression? Anxiety?
Assess patients response to wound care
Help patient and family keep a positive outlook and build self-esteem
The Emergency room doctor gave Jamal some pain medication (Naproxen) and some ointment to put on the burns

Because of the extent of the burns, the doctor gave an estimated recovery time of 6-8 weeks
Patient Background
The Doctor's treatment plan:
Case Study: Burns
Some Background! :)
Burns are injuries that cause damage to the skin and possible underlying layers of the skin; depending on the depth and severity of them. They can be categorized into three different groups/levels: First, second and third degree burns; First being the most minor and third being the worst of all.
First Degree Burns:
First degree burns can be classified as the most minor type of burn, and the most common. Some of these may include:
Sunburns/Radiation/ Sun and tanning booths
damages outer layer of skin
heals within 3-6 days if treatment is done properly
Second Degree Burns:
Second degree burns extend to the dermis layer of the skin (second layer)
symptoms include redness, blistering and oozing shortly after burn injury
superficial partial (thickness burns)- affects first and second layers of the skin
Third degree burns:
These are considered to be full thickness burns
all skin tissue and layers are damaged
skin appears waxy and white, or charred and dark brown
medical treatment is a must!
blood loss- most severe burn
physical therapy and rehab sometimes needed
Nerve endings damaged
Full Thickness Burns (third degree)
What we did! :)
Our role in Jamal's care plan was to help him understand the situation that had happened to him, and to observe any further changes in his skin. As a team the fellow nursing assistants observed his body's ability to respond to the care we were giving him and to help him deal with the hardship of a very difficult injury.
Fourth Degree Burns:
Damages all layers of the skin
nerve endings
blood cells
Treatment includes surgery to restore the damaged skin destroyed by the burn injury
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