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1800s Technologic Improvments

1800s technologic improvments Etc.

Barbara Xiong

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of 1800s Technologic Improvments

1800's Technological Improvments Plow Telegraph Revolver Barbwire First message was sent from
Washington D.C. to Baltimore. Words were chosen by a friend's
young daughter,"What hath God wrought?"
Was used to keep cattle in their pens
Used to keep predators out of the pens
Also called devils wire John Deere made the first
steel cast plow in 1837 Very great for Great
Plains farmers and could
cut through mucky soil without clogging Colt revolver invented by
Samuel Colt and patented in 1835 First pistol and gun
that could shoot multiple shots before reloading Invented by Joseph Glidden in 1874 akjhg asdf sdafadfherllsdf Antalope stuck in a barbwire fence Cell Phones Coyote stuck on a barbwire fence History of Empires Used for easier communication Tractors Larger and are much easier to cut through the soil
Can also cut through the soil faster for they are bigger and cover more area Electric Wire
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