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No description

Anna Beek

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Eco-lodge

To Create Space. Space to Rest. Space to Breathe. Space to Grow. Space to Re-charge. Space to Live Better
Resource Efficiency

Furniture from local thrift/antique shops
Reclaimed wood
Creek rocks from flooding (walls)

Sustainable Construction
Resource efficiency
Energy efficiency
Water Conservation
Blue Skink Eco-lodge
Energy Efficiency
Solar Panels
Electric Heating System
Wood Stove for cooking
To provide a space for our guests to rest and love nature, without harming what they come to enjoy. We strive to restore, not destroy; to work locally; to live sustainably
Why the Blue Skink?

WE love the woods
Accessible and enjoyable w/o stressing the environment
WE love Forest Falls
Infusing the local economy
WE love people
Familiarizing guests with sustainable living

Water Conservation
Low flow toilets
No daily linen changes
Limiting shower time
The Women in the Background
Engineering Major at PLNU
Interest in Renewable Energy
Forest Falls Native
Visual Arts Major at PLNU
Experience in Marketing
Eco-lodge connoisseur
Getting out of the lodge
Take one of our electric scooters into town.

Sustaining local economy
Community center
Why Another Hotel ?
Restoring the lot
Good Eating
Are you sold yet?
Environmentally sustainability is hot topic!
Growing urban pop. are searching for retreats
The Blue Skink is edgy, fun and ready to roll
Lodge-grown produce
Farmer's market
Visitors encouraged to participate
Getting the word Out
Our website makes it easy to book
Partnering with Farmers Markets across SoCal
Posters in local Ranger Stations
What's an Eco-lodge?
-The average price for a certified green building is between 200 and 300 per sq foot.
Compared to $137.17 sq/f for a non-green hotel
Eco-lodges in the area charge upwards of $250 a night. It's easy to recupe
Creating the lodge
The Vision
Running the Lodge
Spreading the News
According to, A tourist accommodation facility designed to have minimal impact on the environment.
Blue skink photo for our logo taken from:
Blueprint in background taken from:
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