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No description

jennifer gonzalez

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of BASEBALL

If you strike out you dropout!!
strike !
When you are a freshman it
is like being on first base you just started the game(high school).
When you are
When you are a sophomore then you are halfway through.
Strike 1: Ask friends for help
Strike 2: Ask tutors or teachers for help
Strike 3: You attend roar to help raise your grade.
While being a junior you just need 1 more base(year).
Finally your a senior which is reaching home base and at the end of the year you leave the field(high school) you leave to college.
Each base represents each year of high school and home base is when you graduated.
Each Table:
Each table will pick their favorite team and
also their favorite player on that team. They will write this on a bat decoration it will also have to include the college their player went to.
Baseball lanterns
Paper balls on wall with name, college and number
Baseball quotes like:
Jackie Robinson stood up
for what he belived in and never
Jackie Robinson stood up for what
he believed in. He pushed through all
of the hard times that he was put through
and mostly believed in himself and
showed everyone who doubted him
that he could prove them wrong.
Hes a
great example
and was a great


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