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Presented by: Heather DuBois, Matt Fata, Tyler Cooke, Jake C

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Heather DuBois

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Presented by: Heather DuBois, Matt Fata, Tyler Cooke, Jake C

Profit Margin
What do we need from you?
In the future
Marketing Strategies
What is NonStarve?
What sets us apart?
Overhead Costs = Nearly $0
Average Deliveries/day = 500
Average food order cost = $15
Average Daily Revenue = $7500
Average 10% Daily Profit = $750
Yearly Profits = $750 x 365 = $273,750/year
Profits are then reinvested
(*Numbers based on previous year in Newark, DE)

NonStarve could generate millions in profit after expanding

Asking for a $200,000 investment in our company for a 15% stake valuing us at $1,333,000
Helps us expand into other markets
Including: college towns, cities, highly populated suburban areas
Need to establish the company so that more restaurant chains will sign on
This model has been established here in Newark
A third party delivery service
We will team up with local and national chains depending on the area
We see this being most successful in college town communities
People will be able to order from their favorite restaurants that don't offer the convenience of delivery
Presented by: Heather DuBois, Matt Fata, Tyler Cooke, Jake Condron, Andrew DeShane
Social Media
We will offer one free delivery for those who sign up for a NonStarve account through Facebook
When they submit an order it will automatically post to their page- Free advertising for NonStarve and the restaurant
We will advertise locally online and in newspapers
Hope to expand to other high density populated college towns and cities as well as suburban areas
We want to implement the idea of also delivering basic convenience store products
Offer the option of ordering alcoholic beverages with your order within legal jurisdictions of the state
The competition: Crunchbutton
Our workers will be on call in hourly shifts
We will be paired up with the restaurants-orders go straight to them
The competition: GrubHub
Similar app
not all restaurants on the app offer delivery
Restaurants will want to pair up with us
Will increase their sales volume
takes out the hassle of implementing their own delivery system
How Does it Work?
Customers place orders online or via mobile app
Order automatically gets placed with restaurant
Drivers are on call and available immediately
$10 minimum order
$2 delivery charge
We collect 10% of the order from the restaurant
In conclusion
It's time to get involved with this investment opportunity
NonStarve is about to see a great deal of expansion with your help
We are seeking your expertise and guidance in this joint business venture
Cost of employees = $0

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