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Teaching Games for Understanding

No description

Susan King

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of Teaching Games for Understanding

teaching games for understanding
Chapter 12
Are you ready to earn
some extra credit??!!
Give two examples of an INVASION sport.

Give two examples of a TARGET sport.

Volleyball is in what game category?
TGFU model

Game play sets problem
Skill practice solves problem
Closing game utilizes solutions

Common problems to solve
Transfer of tactical solutions and concepts within and across game categories:
Invasion games
Net/wall games
Striking/fielding games
Target games
Sample Unit and Lessons

Focus: Tactical problem
Objectives: Tactics & Skills = Solutions
Questions shape solutions
Units structured by
Individual game
Thematically by game category

Increased time in game play is motivational and enjoyable
Strong link between skills and games
Students value skill practice
Tactical components
Stealing the ball
Defending the goal
Maintaining a rally
Winning a point
Direction &
application of force
Tactical Themes
Which standards are emphasized most in the
Teaching Games for Understanding
curriculum model?
Sample TGFU Questions
(Invasion game)
When is the best time to move?
Where is the best place to go?
Who should the defender be watching?
What type of pass should you use?
Why did the attackers move here?
What would happen if they moved there?
How can you relate this to another game?
Change equipment
Change space
Change rules
Different teams, different challenges
Challenge specific students
Allow students to create challenges
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