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Case 2

No description

Mat Wach

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Case 2

5. What are the main issues you would include in a strategic HR management?
Case 2 - Answers
Katharina Gross
Linda Tang
Alina Schuljak
Mateusz Wachowicz
Which of the function HR processes can be identified in Tony’s area?
Identify the environmental influences that are important to TEAM FUN
Tony was hired as Director of HR

Basic funtions:
Motivation of employees
-Insurances and retirement
-Picnics in the LAGOON aimimg to talk about working conditions

Training employees
-Training programs for Joe and Eric

-Hire a fulltime secretary

Medium sized company
Offers sporting goods
Owners watch videos together
Organize picnics in the LAGOON to talk about working conditions
Employees test the sporting goods (Edna)
Employee bullitin board keeps workers up to date
friendly working environment

Will Edna sue TEAM FUN?

How are the functional areas of HR line up with the overall HR process?
HR obtains productivity/effectiveness

4 Main functions:
Hiring and Recruitment
Compensation and Benefits
Training and Development
Performance Management

Keyword: Motivation -> communications canals
-> healthy/safety work surrounding

Overall HR

Does Tony need to do anything else to set up a strategic HR function?
What is strategic HR function?

“the link of human resource management with strategic goals and objective in order of improve business performance and develop organizational cultures that faster innovation and flexibility and competitive advantage.”

HR-functions -> strategic partner to reach company´s goals -> maintaining competitive advantage

Tony’s company:
aim: performing well!

Apart of:



set performance level
to avoid low performance
Strategic HR overall HR process

Overall strategic goals of the organization

Human Recource Strategies

Human Resource Strategies
High Performance Management

Decentralized decision making
Development possibilities

High Commitment Management

Team work
Reduction of hierarchies

High Involvement Management

Mutual understanding

strategic goals of

that are needed
HR Strategies
Talent Management
Process oriented on
HR Strategies

All steps of the Talent Management
Process are oriented on HR Strategy
Thank you for your attention
Personal planning and Recruiting
Training and Development
Compensation and Rewards
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