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No description

Michelle Gutierrez

on 25 September 2014

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Call to Adventure
The morning after Sasuke left they go gather a group of ninjas to get Sasuke back.
Naruto volunteers to go as well.
The Mentor
First mentor that really thought him was Jiraiya
He tought Naruto how to do the "Rasengan"
Naruto helpers specific mission of getting Sasuke back was Choji, Kiba, Shikamaru and Neji.
Sakura thanks Naruto for understanding her and not giving up on his promise to get Sasuke back home.
Naruto's Return Home
The Magic Flight
Naruto (The Hero)
Naruto was born in Konoha
The nine tail fox was seal in naruto when he was a baby by his dad.
The Unknown
The Known
The Shadow
Naruto fails in controling the nine tail fox.
And he loses the battle against Sasuke.
Challenges and Temptations
His challenge is to control the nine tail fox.
Also to bring Sasuke back as he promised to Sakura.
Naruto feels sorry for not being able to
bring Sasuke back to Konoha
Naruto starts thinking with a positive attitude and is willing to try again.
Naruto returns to Konoha after the 3 years of training.
Is ready to continue with his promise of getting Sasuke back home.

Naruto realices that he needs to train to get stronger so he goes with Jiraya in a 3 years training.
(Before Call to Adverture)
Sasuke was always superior than Sasuke howerver Naruto was becoming stroger than Sasuke
In conclusion, Naruto is a hero because he learns to keep up with his promises and never give up.
Released in 1999
From the company Shonen Jump
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