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The Nonexistent Knight

No description

Scout Royce

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of The Nonexistent Knight

Finally The Culminating Activity: The Question of Identity Modernism The Nonexistent Knight Fundamentally about order, therefore:
Demands perfection and precision in his own actions as well as others; characterized as robotized man
Despite the absence of physical form and appearance the nonexistent knight, Agilulf, personifies a paradigm that ‘existence’ can be measured with the lack of corporeal existence, and that “self” and identity stems from the stability of self-individuality, not a matter of appearance
Physical dissolution for idealistic human nature
Demands precision and perfection, as well
Attempts to find meaning in Agilulf's precise exercises Romanticism Fundamentally about passion, therefore:
Passionate about avenging father's death; the chase of Bradamante
At times could be considered a romanticist because of difficulty of understanding- more sane sees things in a different perspective- ex. dragging corpse- notes natural cycles of life
Passion for noticing imperfect things, such as the code of chivalry and the other knights, Bradamante fell in love with ideal Agilulf- oxymoron chivalry and romanticism
Sister Theodora
Romanticist for faith
Romantic towards the code of chivalry, constant embodiment of the code of chivalry, devotion Post-modernism Fundamentally, covers abstract principles, therefore:
Position on the outside of society; interpretation is different, exercises depths of mind, against the grain, deepest thoughts, ex. corpse Calvino explores three ideologies, modernism, post-modernism, and romanticism, throughout The Nonexistent Knight in the representation of the three characters, Agilulf, Gurduloo, and Raimbaut..... Therefore... Presentation by: Scout Royce, Erin Lamb, and Andrew Estima Other Minor Characters
Feminist, takes the idea of woman and modernizes it, stretches limits, what is valid for her stereotype making it her own, love not necessarily romantic, structured her way- contradictory to what is her stereotype
Know-it-all mentality, contradicts with insecurity Unwavering ideology and authority regarding ideology, in some respects, can cleave out furrows of ideological authority or factions developed over competition for authority- the three conflicting ideologies and literary eras.
Paradigms must be adaptable as the world progresses and evolves (no single, extensive authority)
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