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Google Apps for Education

The Benefits of Google Apps for Schools, where Google Apps steps in and how it eliminates everyday problems.

Trishaal Chhanabhai

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education What if..... What if..... What if..... What if..... What if..... Jason arrives to school with his essay on a USB key. He tries to open it at school but is unable to because his word processor at home is incompatible with the school's word processor. His essay is due in 20 minutes and Jason can't get home... WHAT DO YOU DO? Maria creates a presentation for her Geography class on an Apple Mac computer at home. Unfortunately all the computers at the school are PCs and she is unable to show her presentation. WHAT DO YOU DO? You have assigned a group presentation in your ENG class. In one group, three students have part-time jobs, two students are on the Rugby team and one student is trying to earn their grade 8 in piano lessons. They are unable to get together after school to work on the group project due to their incompatible calendars. WHAT DO YOU DO? You are teaching a year 12 History course and the final June essays are due. One of your students comes to you and says that his computer crashed and he lost all his work. He's not sure when he will be able to submit the paper. WHAT DO YOU DO? You have asked your year 10 Science class to do their class presentations using Power Point. Three students in your class tell you they are unable to do this assignment because they do not have this program on their home computers and there is a limited number of school computers with Power Point due to the licensing fees? WHAT DO YOU DO? The Solution!!! Google Mail
Google Docs (Spreadsheets, Word, Drawings, Presentations...etc)
Google Calendar
Google Groups
Google Sites & Start Page Allows real time collaboration, file sharing, interactive learning, and better communication facilities between students and teachers. Its FREE! for all Schools and Universities, no licence fees, no hardware to buy, no need for any maintenance, cost effective, enhanced learning and better time manangement. Over 10 Million Students World Wide are Successfully using Google Apps for Education! Join them in this new wave of Social Learning. Google Apps for Education
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