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Presentaciones orales

No description

Citlalli Del Carpio

on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of Presentaciones orales

Presentaciones orales
Evaluación del curso (15 min)
Feedback to improve the experiences for students that takes 11C. To do this, please have handy:

1. Español 11C Calendar
2. Remember the Stanford's Existing Policy:

Stanford's long-standing policy, which is in compliance with the federal definition, is published in the Stanford Bulletin, and states
that every unit for which credit is given is understood to represent approximately three hours of actual work per week
for the average student. This policy is in compliance with federal regulations.

3. Remember the feedback is to:
- enhance the learning on the course,
- improve the teacher techniques
-strengthen and enrich the student proficiency in Spanish language and culture.

Presentación oral
Paso 1. Trabajar en ppt: (10 min)
- Incorporar frases o palabres que guien la presentacion.
-Revisar orden
-Hacer outline de lo que voy a decir en cada transparencia.

Paso 2. Grabar (15 min)

Paso 3. Escuchar y tomar notas para dar retroalimentación a mi conpañer@ (15 min)

Paso 4: Compartir (10 min-máximo)

Traer la composición final.
Checar que tenga conectores y
los 2 peer reviews.
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