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Noches Misteriosas en Granada

No description

Sabrina Farmer

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Noches Misteriosas en Granada

By: Rachael, Sabrina, Sarah Noches Misteriosas en Granada Kevin meets María Jesús. She gives kevin 2 kisses and Kevin wants to puke because of her perfume. Kevin's family lives in a cave. Dylan's family they live in a normal house. Kevin meets Alfonso and his falcon. Kevin thinks his family is weird.

Chapter 2 Kevin, Alfonso, Dylan, and Lucas went to a tenis club. Lucas and Dylan were playing one side and Kevin and Alfonso were playing on the other. Lucas and Dylan got tired of playing. Kevin and Alfonso went 1 on 1. Kevin got hit in the nose with the tenis ball. Chapter 3 Chapter 1
Kevin graduated from highschool. Kevin has a perfect life. Kevin and Kevin's girlfriend Tanya were perfect together. Kevin got on Facebook and saw Tanya's status said relationship to single. Kevin called his friend Dylan and Dylan makes Kevin feel better. Kevin and Dylan are going to Spain in 2 days. Kevin doesn't understand anything the teacher is talking about, Dylan sleeps during class, and Alfonso was answer all the queitions because he understood it the teacher. The teacher thinks Alfonso is a perfect student. Kevin and Dylan go to the market. Kevin finds a book called Quentos de el Alhambra. Kevin's head starts to hurt. Chapter 5 Dylan and Kevin look for a Starbucks but can't find one . So they go to a cafe. When Kevin walks in he saw a pretty girl on a Macbook. He talks to her and finds out her name is Soraya. Alfonso walks in the cafe and starts making fun of Kevin. Kevin makes an excuse that he has to call his mother so he can get out of there. Kevin almost gets hit by a taxi. Chaper 4 Kevin is doing better than before in school. Kevin notices Alfonso being weird. Kevin sees Alfonso go to a different house at night. Kevin looked through the house window and sees people dancing. He hears the flamingo music playing. Kevin's head starts to hurt. Chapter 6
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