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No description

Christopher George

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Swagger

The setting is the time and place of a story.
The climax is the turning point in a story.
Point of View
The point of view is the way in which a story is told.
The mood of a story is the feeling that the author puts into the story using descriptive adjectives, characters, and setting.
Theme is the message about life that the reader gets from the story.
Thank You
By: Carl Deuker

Niko 8A
The setting of Swagger is in Tangletown,Seattle. There is no specific date, but by some of the details
that are in the story I can make the assumption that it is present day.
Jonas Dolan
Levi Rawdon
Coach Hartwell
Jonas' Parents
The conflict of a story is a struggle between two forces
Man vs. Man
Coach Hartwell vs. Levi
Coach Hartwell and Levi, throughout
the book are constantly having issues.
Although it is an ongoing conflict, towards
the end is when it becomes its strongest.
Man vs. Himself
Jonas vs. Himself
Jonas is constantly faced throughout the story
to make a decision that will benefit him or someone
else. In the end, Jonas' big test against himself comes.
Jonas is contacted by Coach Richter
from a college named Monitor College.
Coach Richter is the coach of basketball there
and wants game film of Jonas.
Jonas comes home from school one day
and sees a for sale sign at the front of his
house. He finds out later that he will be moving
to Tangletown, Seattle.
Jonas arrives at his new school and town.
He becomes very good friends with Levi
Rawdon, a kid who lives on his street and goes
to Harding High, Jonas' school.
Halfway through the season, the head coach, Coach Knecht, gets out of his chair at a practice
to stop a play. Meanwhile, Coach Hartwell is running down the sidelines and runs into Coach Knecht who is knocked out by the hit. Coach Hartwell now takes over as head coach.
After Coach Hartwell takes over, Levi is
never himself. Hartwell tutors also started
tutoring Levi. Levi is never the same Levi Jonas
knew when he first moved to Seattle.
Jonas decides to ask Levi to shoot
around at the courts down the street.
He finally says yes. While they are shooting
around, Levi reveals why he does not like
Coach Hartwell. He says Hartwell made him
do disgusting things.
Coach Hartwell leads his team to the
state championship game. The team wins
so after the game they go to a pizza place to
celebrate. Jonas offers a ride for Levi and Levi
accepts it. At the end of the party, Jonas realizes
his car is missing and so is Levi. A few days later
they find Levi dead on the mountain. This is also the climax of the story.
Jonas accuses Hartwell of Levi's death. Jonas
tells the police man that he did cheat in school, but
by doing this he gives up his chances of going to Monitor College. Cash, the team captain, is also questioned. At first Cash lies and says there were no parties with beer and inappropriate movies. Jonas begs Cash to tell the truth and Cash tells he truth in the end. Jonas gave up his scholarship to Monitor College to save his friend Levi.
The climax of Swagger is when Levi leaves
the party in Jonas' car. A few days later he is
found dead in the mountains.
The point of view of Swagger is 1st person.
The mood of Swagger is angry, loving,
trusting, and loyalty.
Friendship can mean more to somebody than
anything else in the world.
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