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Data Augmentation

GH WIP Presentation

Sarah Strachan

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Data Augmentation

What is it? Completing the database
Who does it? Sensis Data Solutions & IncNet Why are we talking about it? Output How? Yellow Pages
White Pages
Australia Post records
Macromatch - match and validate
Real time validation
Accuracy - More information - Less errors, reducing waste

Cost and time savings (particularly handling times) With the wind down leading up to Xmas...we have time to improve the success of future campaigns whether they be tele or DM related Data Augmentation Sarah Strachan Includes adding job titles, industry and other relevant fields to existing contacts where information is missing. This can also include data standardisation. Because accessibility to the right contact is paramount Validation, segmentation based on industry, geographic data enrichment

Predictive name and address search capability reducing key strokes, enhancing customer experience online. Plug in with - Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics
- NOT Salesfusion What kind of data? Company name
ASX Listing
Employee data
Type: Business, consumer, not for profit
Parent Company
Web Address
Enables discounts Continual vs. Sporadic Some companies choose to have this as a continual service - it would be advisable to watch Linked In data to know when the best time to update is
Pricing Depends on what you want..
$295 set up
$400 matching fees
.30 cents a record Thank you Other Telemarketing
General internet research
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