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Prezume - Abigail Thies

This, I believe...

Abigail Thies

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Prezume - Abigail Thies

I believe in going the distance to get the job done. Every time. 24-hour operations For the last 10 years I have had a mission, not just a job. Counterterrorism I've gone wherever
the work demanded... Counterproliferation And through my professional experiences ...for the kinds of problems that aren't bound by borders. I bring to my clients over 10 years' experience in strategic planning, recruitment, training, mentoring, small group facilitation, and leadership development gained during my career at the Central Intelligence Agency. I have successfully helped internal client groups tackle their toughest challenges, to include developing effective leadership strategies for large change efforts, overcoming long-standing collaboration challenges, and incorporating new curriculum at the Directorate of Intelligence’s Kent School of Analysis. Experienced in working in other countries and cultures, I bring an open and perceptive approach to my government, non-profit and commericial clients. I hold a BA in Political Science and International Affairs from Baylor University, a Masters of Public Service and Administration from Texas A&M University, and am anticipating the completion of a certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from Georgetown University in August 2011. I've come to believe that leadership needs to be transformative, not just transactional. It must take the organization somewhere worth going. I am passionate about helping leaders make great organizations even better, and I'm excited about my current transition from an internal development role to a full-time consulting career. This transition is the result of my commitment to curiosity and to growing my expertise in organization development. I am dedicated to partnering with leaders who want to transform their workplaces into organizations that truly serve both their own mission as well as the people who make it happen. Abigail Thies
250 East 40th Street, Apt 38A
New York City, New York 10016

Team manager

As a team chief, I led a dynamic team of both new and experienced analysts and maintained the team’s high quality and quantity of analytic production spanning a wide range of country accounts. I was awarded for creating a new tool for tracking the implementation and coordination of team, group and office level strategic plans. I also jump-started a difficult joint analytic effort with an important liaison partner to support an overseas collection initiative that was essential to revising our judgment on a key intelligence issue.


During my tenure as an S&T analyst, I used a range of structured and alternative analytic techniques to provide effective strategic assessments on state WMD programs in Asia to senior US policymakers, including the NSC, Department of Defense, and the State Department. I produced a range of written and oral products that were praised in my evaluations as consistently well-organized, timely, and tailored for customer interests. CIA Counterterrorism Center
FEB 2004–OCT 2005

As a counterterrorism analyst and targeter, I applied network analysis techniques and specialized analytic tools to identify and detail key terrorist figures and organizations. I produced a range of written and oral products in support of intelligence operations both from headquarters and in the field that my supervisor remarked repeatedly received high marks from colleagues. My evaluation from my tour in Iraq noted my expertise made a significant contribution to the mission.

Warzone rotation - Baghdad, Iraq (MARCH–JUNE 2005) CIA Operations Center
MAY 2001–FEB 2004

Watch Analyst, Graduate Fellows Program
Senior Watch Analyst
Support to the warzone - Doha, Qatar (NOV 2003–FEB 2004)
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