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Capstone 2015: Snapclamp

No description

olivia torres

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Capstone 2015: Snapclamp

No beverages allowed in class
The Solution!
Tangible product
Realistic quality allows it to be sold virtually
No actual necessity in the virtual world
Is it viable on campus?


Concept designed by Nick Light, Aleck Manke, and Olivia Torres
Target Audience?
Clips faster than you can say it three times
Charter Oak High School

Students and Faculty

Expanding into the real-world:
elementary-age students
Office workers, etc.
Does it work with VE?
Simple, tangible product
Convenient for student and teacher use

Issue concerns connection with an industry that could provide materials/ produce the product
Teacher acknowledgement of product/ permission
Enjoy drink
A portable cup holder that clamps to student desks

No mess, no spill = CONVENIENCE
Fashionable/ customizable design
Can it be incorporated into the boltlive.com?
Business Model
Predicted price point ranges from $5-$10
More costly, but also more appealing
Safe-drinking in classrooms
Clamp = good grip
Costs depends on material (plastic/metal)
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